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Dream Team enemy
Pelicrump from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Location(s) Dreamy Somnom Woods
Level 28
HP 109
Power 152
Defense 156
Speed 86
Weakness None
Experience 50 (60)
Coins 10 (100%)
Item drop Ultra Candy (1%)
None (0%)
No Hitter 49
World Dream

Pelicrumps are bird-like creatures that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

Pelicrumps are often seen stationary from a distance in the field. However, when the Bros. get closer, the birds will fly towards them and try to engage Mario in a battle. While in battle, Pelicrumps usually appear in groups of ten or more. One of their attacks is flying upwards while carrying an egg. The egg will need to be hammered away once dropped on Mario. This attack can sometimes get Mario dizzy. Occasionally, when there are more Pelicrumps, two eggs are dropped on Mario. If there are any Spritzblooms in the battle, the egg will hit and damage that if it is hammered. Another attack involves the Pelicrump carrying a bomb. The bird will come near Mario and try to throw the bomb near him, which needs to be countered with a hammer. If Mario looks at the Pelicrump, it will hide the bomb behind its back and throw it when Mario looks away in the same matter as a Boo. If looked at long enough, the bomb will explode and damage the enemy. Pelicrumps also sometimes carry Bob-ombs in their beaks. Once the Pelicrump holding the bomb inside its beak is defeated, the bomb explodes and damages all adjacent creatures; if Mario takes too long to defeat a Pelicrump with a Bob-omb, it will drop the Bob-omb on Mario, dealing unavoidable damage to him. If several are present they will initiate a chase sequence with a group pursuing whilst holding a Zeekeeper statue in order to crush Mario and others dropping logs from the front to stop Mario. Mario will be caught by the statue unless he jumps on the logs to escape.

An enemy similar to the Pelicrump is the Pecan from Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, another pelican creature that carries bombs in its mouth.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カリペン
Anagram of「ペリカン」(perikan, pelican)
French (NOA) Pélichec Portmanteau of "pelican" and "échec" (failure)
German Pelikant From "pelikan" (pelican) and "pikant" (repulsive)
Italian Pelicant From "pellicano" (pelican)
Portuguese (NOE) Pelicruel From "pelicano" (pelican) and "cruel"
Russian Пуган
From "пугать" (pugat, to scare) and "пеликан" (pelikan, pelican)
Spanish (NOA) Pelicuate From "pelícano" (pelican) and "cuate" (buddy)
Spanish (NOE) Pelicardo From "pelícano" (pelican)