Dark Block

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This article is about the enemy in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. For the dark-elemental Baddie Blocks in Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition, see Baddie Block § Dark Block.
Dream Team enemy
Dark Block
Dark Block from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Location(s) Dream's Deep
(Area B)
Level 23
HP 133
Power 169
Defense 414
Speed 38
Weakness None
Experience 150 (180)
Coins 40 (100%)
Item drop Ultra Candy (10%)
Knockout Hammer (3%)
No Hitter 34
World Dream

A Dark Block is a ? Block-impersonating Block enemy, found in the game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They appear only in Dream's Deep, the Pi'illo Castle version. Outside battle, they appear stationary until approached. They then appear to grow a face and move sideways, attempting to fall on the player. In battle, they float above Mario. Jumping into them counts down a timer. If the timer does not reach zero at the end of the attack, the face appears on the Dark Block as it falls on Mario, and may inflict a Dizzy status. Another attack that it uses is floating above Mario, but with spikes and Brick Blocks, from right to left. The player can avoid jumping, but the Dark Block will just strike back at the end of the attack. To avoid this, the player must jump to hit the Dark Block as is passes overhead. Hitting spikes causes damage, and hitting a Brick Block gives the player a Coin. If any attack is countered, the Dark Block's face appears sad, and the Dark Block's defense lowers greatly, and it will not attack. If a Dark Block is defeated, it transforms into an actual ? Block. The ? Block drops a Coin or an Item when hit, then disappears.

They are the only enemy or character in the game to use a 3D model instead of a sprite.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダークブロック
Dāku Burokku
Dark Block
French (NOA) Ablocmination Portmanteau of "abomination" and "bloc" (block)
French (NOE) Obscublok From "obscur" (dark) and "bloc" (block)
German Zornblock Wrath Block
Italian Bloccoscuro From "blocco" (block) and "oscuro" (dark)
Portuguese Blocobscuro From "bloco" (block) and "obscuro" (dark)
Russian Мракоблок
From "мрак" (mrak, dark) and "блок" (blok, block)
Spanish (NOA) Ablomi From "bloque" (block) and "abominación" (abomination)
Spanish (NOE) Obscubloque From "bloque" (block) and "obscuro" (dark)