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Partrick as he appears in the game's Story Mode
“All right. I'm gonna make something good!”
Partrick, Super Mario Maker 2

Partrick is a character appearing in Super Mario Maker 2. He is a living Brick Block who appears in the Course Maker as well as in the game's Story Mode. His name is based on the name "Patrick" and the word "part", due to him being the symbol for course parts in Course Maker.

In Course Maker, he is seen in the top left corner beside Soundfrog. When the player touches the icon, sounds can be used. When the icon is touched again, course parts can be used.

In Story Mode, if the player completes Mr. Eraser's first job, he erases blocks covering a nearby red Warp Pipe. After the pipe is opened, Mario can enter it to find three Brick Blocks. Once one of them is hit, Partrick reveals himself and offers the player three different jobs: House of ! Blocks, Darkness Ahead, Darkness Below, and High atop Thwomp Tower. Once the first course is completed, Partrick adds a ? Block to the second floor of Peach's Castle. After the second course is completed, Partrick causes a Hidden Block to appear over a nearby red flower. The block contains a vine which leads to Soundfrog. Completing Partrick's third and final course unlocks the Partrick Shirt.



  • "Parton me..."
  • "Hello. Have time for a job?"
  • "There's something good in it for you..."
  • "OK then."
  • "Thank you!"
  • "All right. I'm gonna make something good!"
  • "♪Buildy buildy roo roo miracle roo!♪"
  • "I put a special ? Block somewhere. *wink*"
  • "I have another job for you."
  • "And the reward is particularly good."
  • "I put a hidden block somewhere. Your hint flower."
  • "I have one last job for you."
  • "It comes with a special outfit."
  • "Thanks for your help. I have no more jobs for you."
  • "Hey, how's it going? Come visit me in Course Maker sometime."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パーツ君
Mr. Parts
Spanish (NOA) Muroberto
Dutch Stein From steen (stone) and Stijn (a male given name).
German Mauritius A given name, a pun on "Mauer" (brick wall)
Italian Mattonello Little Brick
Russian Кирпичик
Little Brick
Chinese 零件小子
Língjiàn Xiǎozi
Part Guy