List of fan-made Super Mario Maker 2 courses highlighted by Nintendo

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This is a list of user-created Super Mario Maker 2 courses that have been promoted by Nintendo on their social media accounts or other places.

Indie Developer Courses[edit]

The following courses were created by notable independent game developers and shared by Nintendo through the Nintendo Switch News feed[1] and the NintendoSwitchUK account on Facebook. Each entry contains a description and a difficulty rating from said Facebook account.

Developer Course name ID Difficulty Description from Nintendo Facebook post
Playtonic Games The Impossible Layer XHK-NB8-11H Medium Super Mario Maker 2 x Playtonic Games!

In honor of the launch of Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, the developers at Playtonic Games have created a special Super Mario Maker 2 course where you’ll need to change states to progress!

We’ll be sharing more courses created by talented indie devs soon, so stay tuned!

Brace Yourself Games Cadence of Mario??? HFH-D53-60G Hard Super Mario Maker 2 x Brace Yourself Games

Check out a rhythmic Super Mario Maker 2 course from Brace Yourself Games, the creators of Cadence Of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring The Legend of Zelda. Platform to the beat to make it to the goal!

Nickervision Ding Dong, it's-a me, Mario! HF7-BXD-3YG Hard Super Mario Maker 2 x Nickervision Studios

Ready for a quick challenge? Every second counts in this intense Super Mario Maker 2 course created by the developer behind Ding Dong XL, Nickervision Studios! Give it a try and let us know if you can complete it!

Ghost Town Games 4 Keys (2 players only) L4L-8FX-NFG Medium Super Mario Maker 2 x Ghost Town Games

Grab a friend and work together in this Super Mario Maker 2 course from the creators of Overcooked and Overcooked 2, Ghost Town Games! It’ll take careful coordination to grab all the keys in this course!

Berzerk Studio Berzerk Rush JTY-647-39G Hard Super Mario Maker 2 x Berzerk Studio

The creators of Just Shapes & Beats for Nintendo Switch, Berzerk Studio, present a special Super Mario Maker 2 course! Can you rush your way through and conquer this challenge?

Sabotage Studio The Key of Adventure 0KR-5Y1-LNF Medium Super Mario Maker 2 X Sabatoge Studio

The developers of The Messenger, Sabatoge Studio, share a special Super Mario Maker 2 course called “The Key of Adventure.” With 3 hidden challenge rooms and several similarities to locations from The Messenger, it’s a must play for fans!



As a promotion for the Nintendo Switch release of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Nintendo shared several fan Super Mario Maker 2 courses themed around The Legend of Zelda franchise on the official British Nintendo Switch Facebook page. The post is a collage of screenshots of these courses with their respective IDs shown on each screenshot. The post's description states:

Check out these Super Mario Maker 2 community created courses inspired by The Legend of Zelda! Some recognizable Mario characters make an appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, so make sure you find them in the new game, available now![2]

The following are the IDs of these courses, positioned so they reflect their location in the post itself.

RQN-JWJ-FQF RFJ-Q0J-5XG NSUK 2019 Sep 20 SMM2 post.jpg


The following courses have been shared by Nintendo through their Twitter accounts.


Head into the weekend with 3 courses from the #SuperMarioMaker2 community! Raid a tomb in “Technically Archaeology” by PltypusMan, ride the rafts past the lord of lava in “Charvaargh’s Lava Lair” by Guppy 015, and ascend a perilous castle in “Chomp’s Cloud Castle” by dollenjwz![3]

Course name ID Maker Difficulty Media
Technically Archaeology RCP-1S8-PXF PltypusMan Easy SMM2 NintendoAmerica course 1.jpg
Charvaargh’s Lava Lair RKV-Q05-3TG Guppy 015 Medium SMM2 NintendoAmerica course 2.jpg
Chomp’s Cloud Castle TNR-NNQ-MTG Dollenjwz Medium SMM2 NintendoAmerica course 3.jpg


Head into the long weekend with these four courses from the #SuperMarioMaker 2 community! Let us know the Course ID and you could feature in a future video![4]

Course name ID
LV-426 BQQ-W3K-1KG

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