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Species Rock dove
First appearance Super Mario Maker (2015)
Latest appearance Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS (2016)

Yamamura is a male rock pigeon with Mario's emblem on the breast who appears in Super Mario Maker. He is named after veteran Nintendo level designer Yasuhisa Yamamura. He is a companion of Mary O. and Undodog, frequently appearing alongside them. According to Mary O, Yamamura is a skilled level creator, and Yamamura has a section that includes ten design tips for making better levels. His way of communication is simple coos, but with words in parentheses translating them. According to official bios, Yamamura likes eating edamame, soybeans in the pod, and taking long walks in the park. Yamamura has also created levels that are part of an officially released set of levels, most of them being edited versions of Mary O.'s courses.

As part of the New Year's contest for 2016, Yamamura challenged Mary O. to a level creation contest and won, with his 13% Stars per Play compared to Mary O.'s 7% Stars per Play.[1] As his gift, on January 12, 2016, Yamamura is released as a Mystery Mushroom costume, which can be unlocked by clearing the "Cooooo! (Feat. Yamamura)" Event Course.

In the 3DS port, Yamamura plays the role as instructor teaching the player how to build levels in Yamamura's Lessons and even explaining some elements unlocked in Super Mario Challenge Mode. It is also revealed in the port that Mary O. is the apprentice of Yamamura and he sometimes forgets that Mary O. is not a bird.

Super Mario Maker bio[edit]

Yamamura with Mary O and Undodog.
  • "He's a pigeon. That much is clear. For reasons beyond our understanding, he's also a master of Mario course creation. He loves edamame and long walks in the park."


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Yamamura getting the spotlight after his level is voted the winner.

Comic 1[edit]

  • Mary O.: "Wow! Everyone's having so much fun uploading the Super Mario Maker courses they've created!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (Your words ring true. Over two million courses have been uploaded to date.)"
  • Mary O.: "Make that over two million AND ONE. I made one too! Can you try it out for me, Yamamura?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo... (As you wish, my apprentice. Here goes nothing...)"
  • Yamamura: "..."
  • Yamamura: "COO?! (What is this monstrosity?!)"
  • Mary O.: "OH DEAR!! Is it really that bad?!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (Yes. It really is. I'd rather bunk with a Bob-omb than ever look at that disgrace again. Now I'm filled with a burning need to show you the error of your ways.)"
  • Mary O.: "You're quite...honest, aren't you? OK, so what didn't you like about it?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (To start, everything. It's full of awful ambushes. Thwomps placed above the screen where the player can't see them. Lava Bubbles leaping out of nowhere. That's not coo.)"
  • Mary O.: "What do you mean? Surprises are fun!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (Fun for who? For players, the fun comes when they notice an ambush in the nick of time and evade it. If there's no warning whatsoever, that's no fun at all.)"
  • Mary O.: "Oh, I hadn't thought of it like that..."
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (Clearly. You also used too many enemies. With so many foes attacking from all sides, the player is in a constant state of tension and confusion. Courses are more enjoyable when there's a balance of calm and chaos.)"
  • Mary O.: "Hmm, that makes sense! I'd really like to get better at making courses... Do you have any tips?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. Coo! (Only if you buy me some edamame. My massive pigeon brain needs fuel! Now then, let's start by making a course with the player in mind. In fact, that's your homework for this lesson. Make me proud!)"
  • Mary O.: "I'm on it! I CAN DO THIS!!" [1]

Comic 2[edit]

  • Mary O.: "Yamamura! I finished my homework!!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo?"
  • Mary O.: "Don't you "coo" me! Have you forgotten already? Honestly, you're such a birdbrain! You promised to teach me how to make better courses!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo... Coo? (I'll assume you meant birdbrain as a compliment... But aren't YOU forgetting something?)"
  • Mary O.: "Me? I don't believe so..."
  • Yamamura: "COO!! (My tasty reward!!)"
  • Mary O.: "Oh my, you need to calm down. They're right here, you silly pigeon. A big bag of edamame!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo! Coo. (So coo! All right then, I'll take a look at your course as I snack.)"
  • Yamamura: "Coo... Coo. Coo? (Let's see... There. I've marked the parts that caught my eye with numbers. By the way, did you enjoy making this one?)"
  • Mary O.: "I did! With my first course, there were so many different elements, I wasn't sure where to start. Since I was limited to only a few this time, it was a lot easier to get going!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (I see, I see.) *munch munch* (Mmm... Delicious...)"
  • Mary O.: "(I wonder if he's really listening...) Oh! I noticed something else too. With so few elements to work with, if I placed them just anywhere, the course got pretty repetitive. I had to be creative with how I used the different objects to come up with fun layouts."
  • Yamamura: "Coo! Coo. (Brilliant! That's exactly why I gave you those limitations. With fewer elements to work with, it's easier to notice the importance of placement. Instead of focusing on the objects or enemies themselves, you start to think about how you want Mario to interact with them. That's what counts! Now then, let's take a closer look at your course.)"
  • Mary O.: "Ooh! This is a much better course now!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo! Coo... Coo? (Agreed! But back to that last area... Have you tried jumping on the Big Goomba in between those pipes?)"
  • Mary O.: "The Big Goomba? Hoo! Hah! Waaahoooo!! Wow, that was great! What a rush!!"
  • Yamamura: "C-coo... Coo? Coo. (R-right... I've never seen your speech sparkle like that. Weird. At any rate, it's quite satisfying, isn't it? Creating that feeling is the focus of your next lesson. Here's your new homework!)"
  • Mary O.: "A satisfying course... That sounds difficult! May I have a hint?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (Give the player exciting jumps to make, that kind of thing. You'll do great.)"
  • Mary O.: "Exciting jumps, got it! I suppose jumps are the core of any Mario game, after all. I'll see what I can do!"

Comic 3[edit]

  • Yamamura: "Coo. (OK. Just like last time, I've added numbers to the parts that caught my attention. But first, tell me your thought process for this course.)"
  • Mary O.: "Well, I tried to lay out the course elements to create exciting jumps for the player. For instance, it feels great to jump through a bunch of coins or to leap from one pipe to another."
  • Yamamura: "Coo! Coo. (I see! Go on.)"
  • Mary O.: "I also remembered how good it felt to jump on the Big Goomba at the end of our last course, so at the part you marked with a ③, I placed two Big Goombas to jump on. You can use the first one to leap over the pipe and onto the other one. It feels great!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (I see you used a Super Star too. Very good. Now, let's discuss my notes.)"
  • Mary O.: "Your feedback makes a lot of sense...but your version of the course is almost identical to mine!"
  • Yamamura: "..."
  • Mary O.: "And all your comments were about minor things like Goomba and coin placement..."
  • Yamamura: "..."
  • Mary O.: "It seems to me you were just being nitpicky..."
  • Yamamura: "..."
  • Mary O.: "Could it be my course was... not too shabby?!"
  • Yamamura: "COO! Coo! Coo... (FINE! You win! It wasn't half bad...)"
  • Mary O.: "Wow! Do you mean it?!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (I'm as surprised as you are. Your first course was so brutal, some people online were calling it an official Nintendo troll course. It's hard to believe you've improved so quickly.)"
  • Mary O.: "I...didn't know people were saying that. (I also didn't know pigeons used the Internet...)"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (There were two things I was hoping to teach you. The first was to engage the player with moments of tension, like when doing a tricky maneuver, or moments of elation, like when making a massive jump. You passed with flying colors! I didn't change much at all.)"
  • Mary O.: "Thank you! That's awfully nice of you to say. I'm curious, though... Why did you remove the Super Star at the beginning?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (Having an obvious Super Star at the beginning makes it seem like being invincible is the "right way" to play the course. If the player misses it, they're going to feel like they're being forced to play the "wrong way." That's not a great feeling, so I felt it was best to remove it.)"
  • Mary O.: "Interesting. But I like the feeling of being invincible!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo! Coo. (You're right — it's a nice feeling! That's why I hid that Super Star in a Hidden Block. That way, it doesn't seem like the "right way" to play, it's just a different way to play. It's good to look at ideas you've rejected and see if you can make them work in a different way. It helps you build courses with more depth.)"
  • Mary O.: "I see!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (Now for the second thing I was hoping to teach you. It's about the satisfaction of small victories. Achieving the smallest of things, like grabbing an item or reaching the next platform, gives players a certain satisfaction. This feeling complements moments of tension with moments of joy, giving your course subtle highs and lows to keep players on their toes. I added a moment like that at part Ⓐ.)"
  • Mary O.: "I was wondering about that Ⓐ! What's the new platform for?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. Coo... (When the player leaps into the air to hit the block up above, that platform gives them a chance to relax. The player can land on that platform with a small hop, but if it were higher, it would be trickier. It's helpful to consider how your body moves when you exercise. Those moments of exerting yourself and then stretching out, or the unsteady feeling of standing on a precarious ledge...)"
  • Mary O.: "Um, Yamamura...you're a pigeon. What do you know about how humans exercise?"
  • Yamamura: "COO!! (!!!!!!!)"
  • Mary O.: "I take it back! I TAKE IT BACK! No need to ruffle your feathers."
  • Yamamura: "Coo. Coo... (Hmph, humans these days. Let's just change the subject...)"
  • Yamamura: "Coo? (Did you notice anything about the pit just before point ②?)"
  • Mary O.: "Hmm, it looks a bit shorter."
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (Precisely. Now players can make it across using a normal jump rather than a dash jump. As for why, that's another lesson for another time.)"
  • Mary O.: "Fair enough. We've been here quite a while!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo... *coo* (All that talking made me hungry... *hint hint*)"
  • Mary O.: "Here, have some edamame. You earned them!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo! (Thanks! Don't mind if I do!) Coo... *munch munch* Coo... *crunch munch* Coo... (Now, while the course... *munch munch* you made this time... *crunch munch* is fun to play...)"
  • Mary O.: "Yamamura! Don't talk with your beak full!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. Coo... *munch munch* (As a whole, there's nothing all that interesting about it. It's a little dull... There's no anticipation or excitement... *munch munch*)"
  • Mary O.: "I agree. So why did you make it like that?"
  • Yamamura: "*munch crunch munch* Urghh!! *cough* *sputter*"
  • Mary O.: "Ewww! You spit edamame all over me!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. Coo! (Ehem, agree to disagree. Now, time for your next challenge. Make a course that's exciting or has a distinct theme!)"
  • Mary O.: "Memorable, eh? That's kind of...vague."
  • Yamamura: "Coo. Coo! (You could try placing elements in visually interesting shapes, or theme it around an enemy you really like. Set a goal and have at it!)"
  • Mary O.: "Roger that! One memorable course coming right up!"

Comic 4[edit]

  • Mary O.: "Yamamura, I finished my course! Have a look!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo! (OK, but this better knock my metaphorical socks off, or you'll owe me a truckload of edamame!)"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. Coo? (Your challenge was to make a memorable course. So tell me, what makes this course special?)"
  • Mary O.: "I used a variety of enemies and objects to spice it up. I especially had fun hiding Boos in the clouds. Since Boos are white, they blend into the background and give players a fun surprise! I also added Yoshi, because he's SO ADORABLE."
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (Hmmm. I thought I'd just make a few edits, but I had to junk the whole thing and start from scratch.)"
  • Mary O.: "What?! Was it really that bad?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. Coo...coo. (I asked for a memorable course. This one...just doesn't do it for me.)"
  • Mary O.: "WHAAAAAT?!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (You said your course is "spicy" because you used lots of different enemies and objects, but that's not unique at all. There's a bunch of random stuff everywhere, but no cohesion. It's like peanut butter without jelly, pancakes without syrup, life without edamame. Really, what's the point?! It's just not special.)"
  • Mary O.: "Ouch. You really know how to hit someone where it hurts, don't you?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. Coo: coo. (Simmer down. It wasn't all bad. Here are some things you did right:
① Hiding a Super Mushroom in a FlyingQuestionBlock-NSMBWii.png
② Using lifts as a path to the sky
③ Hiding Boos in the clouds)"
  • Mary O.: "Well, I'm glad you at least liked the Boos."
  • Yamamura: "Coo. Coo... (Boos are usually only found in Ghost Houses, so it was creative to place them in the clouds in an outside course. In fact, I liked it so much, it inspired my latest course...)"
  • Mary O.: "You sure used a lot of clouds. This looks nothing like my course!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo... (Well, your course needed a lot of work...)"
  • Mary O.: "..."
  • Yamamura: "Coo! Coo. (Don't worry! "Boo clouds" were a brilliant idea. It just needed that patented Yamamura touch.)"
  • Mary O.: "Did it now? I'm not so sure."
  • Yamamura: "Coo. Coo? (Be reasonable. Look at this from a player's perspective. Clouds and Boos look awfully similar. What if Mario came running along and tried to land on a Boo cloud?)"
  • Mary O.: "He'd lose a life. That would be a surprise, wouldn't it?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo! (That's right! So you CAN be taught!)"
  • Mary O.: "Hee hee. I suppose you did say surprises with no foreshadowing aren't fun in Episode 1."
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (It's true. That's why I was careful with my surprises. I placed a Boo in ③-ⓑ in a path facing away from the goal, so it will creep up on Mario from behind if he's on the right path.)"
  • Mary O.: "Then why did you place a Boo near the lift in ②-ⓑ?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (When riding that lift, players have to stop and wait for the right moment to jump off. That means there's plenty of time to notice that Boo.)"
  • Mary O.: "Ah, I see."
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (I also assumed players would know to look out for Boos by that point, so I boldly placed a Boo in ③-ⓒ.)"
  • Mary O.: "Wow, you really thought this through!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo! Coo. (Naturally! I planned out where everything would go before I even started building the course. I also limited myself using my own set of rules. Within those rules, I tried to challenge players without frustrating them.)"
  • Mary O.: "Yes, I like how you set some rules and really stuck to them. I'm the type to give up on my New Year's resolutions before the clock even strikes midnight, so I admire your dedication!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo! Coo. (Thank you! I admire me too.
Here's a little hint: If you place one or two elements randomly across the course, they won't leave much of an impression. Try mixing things up like so:
・ Use lifts to go up into the clouds and stepping stones to move between the clouds.
・ Flying ? Blocks and Flying Coins look at home in the sky, so try placing them in higher locations.
・ If you don't want enemies to fall off the edge, use ones that know to turn around, like Red Koopa Troopas.
If you decide on the purpose, style, and functionality of your course ahead of time, it makes it easier to create something memorable.)"
  • Mary O.: "Purpose, style, and functionality. Got it! I'll give it a shot!"
  • Mary O.: "Hmmm?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo! Coo?! (Gah! What's wrong?!)"
  • Mary O.: "My Yoshi... my cute little Yoshi is gone!!!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo...coo. (Um...yeah. I took him out.)"
  • Mary O.: "What have you done with Yoshi?!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo...coo? (Purpose, style, and functionality...remember? Do you know what makes Yoshi so special?)"
  • Mary O.: "His adorable face and can-do attitude?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (No. Just no. It's his ability to eat enemies.)"
  • Mary O.: "And also his fluttery cuteness!!"
  • Yamamura: "(*sigh*) Coo? Coo! Coo. (Boos are the main feature of this course, right? Well, guess what? Yoshi can't eat Boos! Using him here would be a waste of his abilities. It's not functional.)"
  • Mary O.: "Ah, right. Functionality! Well, maybe Yoshi could eat a Fire Piranha Plant so he can breathe fire. That would work against Boos!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo! Coo. Coo... (That's right! See, it's a lot more fun when you use Yoshi's special abilities. Hmm, that could make for a really great course, actually...)"
  • Mary O.: "So that means my next challenge is to create a course exploding with Yoshi cuteness, right? Great foreshadowing, Yamamura!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo! (I wasn't foreshadowing!) Coo... (Although, making a Yoshi-themed course would be a good challenge...)"
  • Mary O.: "Woo-hoo!"
  • Mary O.: "I'll do my best! I just hope I can remember all you've taught me so far..."
  • Yamamura: "Coo? Coo! (You're not discouraged, are you? Is this about how much I changed your course? Don't feel bad — we mined some amazing ideas from it!)"
  • Mary O.: "But why..."
  • Yamamura: "?"
  • Mary O.: "Why can't Yoshi eat Boos?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo?! (HUH?!) Coo... Coo. (Well, um... I suppose it's because Boos are like ghosts, so they pass through solid objects. It's only logical.)"
  • Mary O.: "Logical? This coming from a talking pigeon who's obsessed with edamame?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo... (Touché...)"

Comic 5[edit]

  • Mary O.: "Hello there, Yamamura! ♪"
  • Yamamura: "Coo! (Wow, you're in a good mood today!)"
  • Mary O.: "Of course I am! I got to make a course using the incomparable Yoshi. Today, my green buddy gets the attention he deserves! ♪"
  • Yamamura: "Coo...coo. (Whoa, this is the first time I've seen you act like this. It's a little...frightening.)"
  • Mary O.: "For this course, I used Yoshi's incredible abilities like so:
① Flutter-jumping to get to higher areas
② Eating a Fire Piranha Plant to attack enemies with fireballs
③ Riding a Thwomp to get to higher ground
I think that's everything!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (Hmm, interesting. Those are the exact parts I wanted to discuss.)"
  • Mary O.: "Uh-oh... I've got a bad feeling about this."
  • Yamamura: "Coo! Coo? (Coo hoo hoo! Don't get defensive! Now then, the path splits at sections Ⓐ and Ⓑ, right?)"
  • Mary O.: "Yes, it does. I'm glad you caught that! Route Ⓐ is the easiest since it's the more straightforward path. Route Ⓑ is a bit tougher because you have to cross the clouds, but it rewards you by making it easier to reach the top of the Goal Pole."
  • Yamamura: "Coo? Coo! Coo... (You put a lot of thought into those alternate routes, didn't you? My, how far you've come! Now then, let's take a closer look at your course...)"
  • Mary O.: "Wow, that's it? You're not going to completely trash my course? I...I can't believe it! But why did you skip over the explanations for the letter points?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo? (Do you really want to know about those?)"
  • Mary O.: "Of course! I want to hear all of your Yoshi-related thoughts!!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. Coo... (OK, I get it. The girl likes her Yoshi. Now then, my points won't be explained in alphabetical order this way, but let's discuss Yoshi first. Like I said last time, what makes Yoshi special is...)"
  • Mary O.: "Cuteness!"
  • Yamamura: "...Coo. (...Being able to eat enemies.)"
  • Mary O.: "Yes, that's one of the reasons Yoshi's so lovable!"
  • Yamamaura: "Coo! Coo. (Good grief! You're impossible when you're like this.) Coo? Coo. (There aren't many enemies to eat in this course, are there? To fully utilize Yoshi's abilities, there should be more edible enemies around. That's why I added a bunch at point Ⓓ.)"
  • Mary O.: "Ah, I get it. Nothing's better than gobbling up Goombas!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (Too true. As for point Ⓔ, I arranged some coins in a squiggly line to match Yoshi's flutter-jump pattern. Some players might not be used to jumping with Yoshi, so those coins will help them practice their flutter jumps on solid ground before jumping over the ledge later.)"
  • Mary O.: "Yoshi makes the cutest sounds when he flutter-jumps... *sigh*"
  • Yamamura: "COO! Coo. Coo... (EHEM! In any case, that last edit is optional. Moving on, let's talk about a much bigger problem with your course...)"
  • Mary O.: "A problem?! But I was doing so well!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (The problem lies where the path splits off at points Ⓐ and Ⓑ.)
YoshiCourse SMM.png
...Coo?! (...Do you see the problem now?!)"
  • Mary O.: "Yikes, you're a little scary today! Sorry, but I don't see it. What's the issue?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (When you're on that ledge, you can't see the route below. When you can't see a place to land, you assume that you'll lose a life if you fall down. That will make players avoid the bottom route like stinky cabbage! Remember, if they don't know, they won't go. If you want people to use a route, they need to be able to see it! I fixed it so you can see the landing area.)"
YoshiCourse SMM.png YoshiCourseYamamuraSMM.png
  • Mary O.: "That makes perfect sense! So people will choose the Ⓐ route now, right?"
  • Yamamura: "COO. Coo. (WRONG. Even though you can see the lower path now, there's no way to know it's the easiest route. You get a glimpse of route B with that cloud there, which makes it look like a fun way to go. I believe most players will assume that's the main route.)"
  • Mary O.: "Is that...a problem?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (Well, not necessarily. It just means route Ⓑ looks really fun! That's why I decided to beef it up.)"
  • Mary O.: "Wow!! There's a hidden door there now! It warps you over to point Ⓒ, right?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. Coo! Coo. (That's right. It takes players to a hidden area! To thank Yoshi for all his hard work, I put a lot of enemies there for him to eat.)"
  • Mary O.: "OHMYGOSH! Are those Inklings?!?! Inkipedia.png"
  • Yamamura: "...Coo. (...Those are Bloopers. Duh.)"
  • Mary O.: "I suppose they DO look rather Blooper-like."
  • Yamamura: "Coo! (That would be because they ARE Bloopers!)"
  • Mary O.: "Oh, by the way..."
  • Yamamura: "Coo? (Yes?)"
  • Mary O.: "You made the gap smaller in ① and made the ground taller in Ⓐ. Was that to show players how to progress through the level?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (That's right.)"
  • Mary O.: "Even if you can't see safe ground to walk on, wouldn't players normally find a path to follow anyway?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. Coo? Coo! (Remind me to never go hiking with you. If your path just drops off in front of you with nothing below, wouldn't you assume it's a cliff? As in, instant death? Most players will think it's a dead end and assume they missed something earlier in the course, so they'll backtrack to search for it. They'll search and search...for all eternity!!)"
  • Mary O.: "So they'll waste their time going on a wild-goose chase? Or perhaps...pigeon chase? Ha!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (This is no laughing matter. If players think something might be hidden in the stage and then find out there's nothing, they'll have a horrible experience. That's what happens when the creator doesn't consider the player's perspective.)"
  • Mary O.: "So I have to be careful not to give players the wrong idea, right?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. Coo! (Right. Of course, it's OK to make a dead end on purpose if the point is to make players search for the correct path. That's a technique often used by expert course creators like myself!)"
  • Mary O.: "Oh, speaking of making gaps smaller... In Episode 3, you made the gap at the beginning of that course smaller too. I forgot to ask why you did that."
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (That was for a different reason. I wanted to make sure players could jump over it without having to dash first.)"
  • Mary O.: "Why? It's not that hard to push the dash button!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo: coo. (No? Think about it this way. To dash, you have to:
・ Push the dash button
・ Control Mario
・ Jump at the right moment
And all at the same time! That can be very challenging for beginners.)"
  • Mary O.: "Wow, is it really that challenging for new Mario players?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (It is. That's why in the New Super Mario Bros. series, you can clear most stages without using the dash button at all. Many people playing Super Mario Maker are used to playing Mario games, but if you want to create a beginner-friendly course, you might want to keep things like that in mind.)"
  • Mary O.: "I've really learned a lot today! Seeing how you think about the people playing your courses, I think I've discovered something very important."
  • Yamamura: "Coo? Coo. (Oh? Do tell.)"
  • Mary O. "Through all the lessons you've taught me, the thing you always came back to was how important it is to think about the player's experience when making a course. You always ask yourself if people will have fun with any given feature. I think I can summarize your ultimate course building secret as..."
  • Mary O. "L ・ O ・ V ・ E"
  • Yamamura: "Coo! Coo...?! (Yikes! I’m not THAT cheesy, am I...?!) Coo. (Even still, I think you've finally learned the most important thing about creating courses. I have nothing more to teach you, my apprentice.)"
  • Mary O.: "What?! Really?"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (Really. That said, here's your final challenge.)"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. Coo! Coo. (This time, there are no rules or limitations. Just make the best course you can! For the pupil to become the master, you must first defeat me in my Ultimate Course Creation Battle.)"
  • Mary O.: "You can't be serious!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo... *coo* (I never thought this day would come... *sniffle*)"
  • Mary O.: "Hee-hee, don't get all weepy on me now!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo? Coo! (Huh? I...I'm not crying, I swear!)"
  • Mary O.: "Yes you are, you big ol' softie!"
  • Yamamura: "Coo. (No. I'm not. I just have some edamame in my eye.)"
  • Mary O.: "Liar! And to think, I brought you some of your favorite brand today. But if you can't even bother to tell me the truth..."
  • Yamamura: "Coo! COO!! (You're right! I'm wrong! I'm sorry! GIVE ME THE BEANS!!)"
  • Mary O.: "I knew it! I must have made you really proud today. I'm going to start working on my ultimate course right away!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Yamamura -
German Yamamura -



  • Yamamura appears on the Nintendo 3DS home menu as the thumbnail for the second Super Mario Maker badge group.