List of Super Mario Maker stamps

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In Super Mario Maker, there are 100 Stamps that can be used in-game. They could be used to make comments to put on courses in Course World.

As of the 7th November 2017, Miiverse was terminated and as a result, comments could no longer be put on courses.

List of Stamps[edit]

Image Description
A smiling Baby face.
002-SMMHappy Face.png
A laughing Baby face.
003-SMMWinking Face.png
A winking Baby face.
004-SMMSuprised Face.png
A suprised Baby face.
005- Annoyed Face.png
A sad Baby face.
006-SMMSquirming Face.png
A squirming Baby face.
007-SMMCat Face.png
A Baby face pursing its lips.
008- Sad Face.png
An annoyed Baby face.
009-SMMEmotionless Face.png
An emotionless Baby face.
A star that players can reward to other course makers.
A heart.
012-SMMLightbulb.png The Ding Dong light-bulb icon.
013-SMMMusic Notes.png Some music notes.
014-SMMSparkles.png Some sparkles.
015-SMMThumbsUp.png A thumbs up.
016-SMMUndodog.png Undodog's face.
017-SMMClapping Hands.png A pair of hands clapping.
018-SMMEraser.png Mr. Eraser.
019-SMMCursor.png One of the available cursors.
020-SMMSFX Frog.png Soundfrog.
021-SMMDanger Sign.png A danger sign.
022-SMMCoursebot.png The Coursebot.
023- Gnat.png A fly from the Gnat Attack game.
024- Small Mario.png Small Mario standing from the Super Mario Bros. palette.
025-SMMBrick Block.png A Brick Block from Super Mario Bros.
026-SMMSmall Mario Jumping.png Small Mario from Super Mario Bros. jumping.
027-SMMSolid Block.png A Hard Block from Super Mario Bros.
028-SMMSuper Mario.png Super Mario standing from Super Mario Bros.
029- Question Mark Block.png A ? Block from Super Mario Bros.
030-SMMSuper Mario Jumping.png Super Mario jumping from Super Mario Bros.
Pow stamp.png A POW Block from Super Mario Bros.
Mario cruching stamp.png Super Mario crouching from Super Mario Bros.
Mushroom stamp.png A Super Mushroom from Super Mario Bros.
Mystery mushroom stamp.png A Mystery Mushroom from Super Mario Maker.
Fire flower stamp.png A Fire Flower from Super Mario Bros.
Super leaf stamp.png A Super Leaf from Super Mario Bros. 3.
Super star stamp.png A Super Star from Super Mario Bros.
Cape feather stamp.png A Cape Feather from Super Mario World.
Buzzy shell helmet stamp.png A Buzzy Shell from Super Mario Maker.
Propeller mushroom stamp.png A Propeller Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros. U.
041-SMMShellmet.png A Spiny Shell.
042-SMMCoin.png A Coin.
043-SMMLeftWing.png A wing facing the left.
044-SMMCheepCheep.png A Cheep Cheep.
045-SMMRightWing.png A wing facing the right.
046-SMMBlooper.png A Blooper.
047-SMMGoomba.png A Goomba.
048-SMMSpikeTop.png A Spike Top.
049-SMMKoopa.png A Koopa Troopa.
050-SMMBuzzy.png A Buzzy Beetle.
051-SMMPiranhaPlant.png A Piranha Plant.
052-SMMSpiny.png A Spiny.
053-SMMGoombaShoe.png A Goomba's Shoe.
054-SMMStilettoGoombaShoe.png A Stiletto Goomba's Shoe.
055-SMMBoo.png A Boo.
056-SMMDryBones.png A Dry Bones.
057-SMMRockyWrench.png A Rocky Wrench.
058-SMMMontyMole.png A Monty Mole.
059-SMMLakitu.png A Lakitu.
060-SMMMuncher.png A Muncher.
061-SMMChainChomp.png A Chain Chomp.
062-SMMBulletBill.png A Bullet Bill.
063-SMMHammerBro.png A Hammer Bro.
064-SMMBillBlaster.png A Bill Blaster.
065-SMMSledgeBro.png A Sledge Bro.
066-SMMBob-omb.png A Bob-omb.
067-SMMKoopaClownCar.png A Koopa Clown Car.
068-SMMBowserJr.png Bowser Jr.
069-SMMThwomp.png A Thwomp.
070-SMMBowser.png Bowser.
071-SMMSpringboard.png A Trampoline.
072-SMMSidewaysSpringboard.png A sideways Trampoline.
073-SMMDonutBlock.png A Donut Block.
074-SMMIceBlock.png An Ice Block.
075-SMMConveyor.png A Conveyor Belt.
076-SMMNoteBlock.png A Note Block.
077-SMMCloudBlock.png A Cloud Block.
078-SMMWarpDoor.png A Warp Door.
079-SMMCannonball.png A Cannonball.
080-SMMSpikeTrap.png A Spike Trap.
081-SMMCannon.png A Cannon.
082-SMMLavaBubble.png A Lava Bubble.
083-SMMPSwitch.png A P Switch.
084-SMMFireball.png A Fireball.
085-SMMFireBarBlock.png The block of a Fire Bar.
086-SMMWordBubble1.png Word Bubble #1.
087-SMMWordBubble2.png Word Bubble #2.
088-SMMWordBubble3.png Word Bubble #3.
089-SMMDustEffect.png A dust effect.
090-SMMExplosionEffect.png An explosion effect.
091-SMMMegaphone.png A megaphone.
092-SMMSitupMen.png The sit-up men from Mario Paint.
093-SMMWarpPipe.png A Warp Pipe.
094-SMMWiggler.png A Wiggler.
095-SMMMagikoopa.png A Magikoopa.
096-SMMLift.png A Lift.
097-SMMBeanstalk.png A Vine.
098-SMMLavaLift.png A Lava Lift.
099-SMMGrinder.png A Grinder.
100-SMMBurner.png A Burner.