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The special custom 14th sound effect, from Super Mario Maker.
The special custom 14th sound effect's alt version, from Super Mario Maker.
Parakeet and chicken icons

The Parakeet (known as the Budgie in the PAL version of Super Mario Maker) is a budgerigar originating from the Nintendo DSi application titled Nintendo DSi Sound, and appearing again in the Nintendo 3DS Camera and Nintendo 3DS Sound application. Occasionally, he would play recorded sound clips through a distortion filter.

The Parakeet returns in Super Mario Maker, where he is able to record off the built-in microphone on the Wii U GamePad. The sound recorded by the player can be then placed into the level. Only one sound can be saved to the level at a time, and when uploading the course online, the recorded sound will be replaced by a generic parakeet chirp. A bird will also flutter on screen for a short second whenever activated. The Parakeet option can be accessed by going into the Soundfrog menu. He is not to be confused with Yamamura, the rock dove that appears in the game. There is a similar, alternate chicken icon that behaves in a similar way; it will either play a chicken cluck or a sped up or slowed down recording of the player.

The Parakeet is also one of the official course makers in Super Mario Maker, and has created two levels: Parallel World and Burning Barrage.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Pappagallo Parrot