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The Coursebot icon.

Coursebot is the robotic tool that helps the player manage courses in the game Super Mario Maker, its remake, and Super Mario Maker 2, based on the robot that saves and loads a painting in Mario Paint. By tapping on him from the menu, players can save a level they are working on, or access any other levels whether self-made or from the internet. Courses completed in the 10 Mario Challenge and Super Mario Challenge can also be accessed. Additionally, if the Wii U is connected to the internet, Coursebot can upload or delete courses to and from the online Course World. The maximum number of levels that can be saved to the game at once is 120.

Coursebot is also one of the game's official course creators.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese きろくロボット
Kiroku Robotto
Record Robot
Spanish Guardabot From "guarda" (save) and "bot" (robot)
French Robostock Portmanteau of robot and stock
Russian УР-120
УР is short for Уровень Uroven' meaning level and 120