King Watinga

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King Watinga being defeated

King Watinga[1] is a large, robotic boss of the minigame Gnat Attack, which is a part of Mario Paint and Super Mario Maker. He is the player's final challenge and only appears after going through three stages; destroying 100 insects during each stage. In Mario Paint, he absorbs 20 hits from the flyswatter and his appearance changes under 10 hits and 15 hits before finally being destroyed at 20 hits.

King Watinga can also appear on the editing screen version 1.20 update for Super Mario Maker, when a Muncher is shaken after flies have already spawned. Angering him by swatting him repeatedly will start a more challenging version of Gnat Attack. Two King Watingas appear in the final round of this mode.

King Watinga is capable of shooting out stinger missiles and poison gas; he is also capable of flight. After being hit multiple times, King Watinga will begin going into convulsions and will subsequently explode. In Super Mario Maker, he only spawns Fly Children and flies off-screen, returning when all the children are swatted.

King Watinga's only other game appearance was in a remake called Fly Swatter, which was one of 9-Volt retro games in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!.

King Watinga also made a small appearance in Volume five of Super Mario-Kun, in which he was brought out of the Mario Paint game by Lemmy. After colliding with Yoshi, King Watinga was fused with him. In the end, he was destroyed, and Mario was able to redraw Yoshi. He was not given a proper name in this manga and was simply called the "Fly Assault Game's Boss"[citation needed].


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