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Mary O.
Artwork of Mary O from Super Mario Maker
Artwork of Mary O. in her appearance for Super Mario Maker
Species Human
First appearance Super Mario Maker (2015)
Latest appearance Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS (2016)
“Hey, Yamamura! I've finished my homework!”
Mary O., Official Super Mario Maker online comics

Mary O., known as Mashiko (ましこ Mashiko) in Japanese and British English texts, is the manual's guide in Super Mario Maker. She can be spoken to at any time by tapping the green manual icon on the game menu. The game's manual was also accesible online on the official website before the site was repurposed for Super Mario Maker 2.[1] Her role is to assist the player and share information about the game's content. Her appearance is that of a young female with blue eyes and dark hair, and a headset on. Mary O.'s name is a deliberate pun on an alternate pronunciation of Mario's name. Her Japanese name, Mashiko, is a play on "Mario".

A March 2016 update allows players to play as Mary O. in a construction outfit through the Costume Mario power-up. To unlock the costume, players have to clear the special Event Course created after her, titled "Mary O.'s Lunch Break". There are also special Event Courses created by her ranging back to October 2015, though those do not involve her costume.

A series of online comics starring her and Yamamura, titled Super Mario Maker: Crash Course, were released on the official Super Mario Maker website.

While Mary O. does not return in Super Mario Maker 2, her role is fulfilled by another apprentice of Yamamura's named Nina.


Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

  • Digital manual description: "Fondly referred to by her peers as "everyone's older sister," Mary has a lot to teach you about Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS. She knows just about everything there is to know about the game, but when it comes to actually making courses... Well, she hasn't had a lot of hands-on experience!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ましこ
Dutch Mashiko -
French (NOE) Mashiko -
German Mashiko -
Italian Mashiko -
Korean 예자[2]
Influenced by 子 (ko) in Japanese female given names, "자" (子, ja) was commonly used in Korean old women's names.
Spanish (NOE) Mashiko -


  • If the player taps Mary O.'s face on the Wii U GamePad in the User Info page, she will appear shocked.
  • According to Nintendo of Japan, Mary O.'s Mystery Mushroom costume's voice is shared with Yu Ayasaki from Daigasso! Band Bros. P, who also appears as a costume.[3]