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This article is about Princess Toadstool's grandmother who appeared on The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. For the apparent grandmother that appeared in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, see Grandma.
Gramma Toadstool
Full name Grandmother Toadstool
Species Human
First appearance "Little Red Riding Princess"

Gramma Toadstool, also addressed as Grandmother Toadstool or simply Gramma, is the grandmother of Princess Toadstool. She made her only appearance on The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show![edit]

Gramma Toadstool's only appearance on the show was in the episode "Little Red Riding Princess", where she was shown to live in a cottage in the Mushroom Woods.

Prior to the events of the episode, Gramma had fallen ill, prompting Princess Toadstool to pay her a visit, along with Mario, Luigi and Toad. Due to the fact that King Koopa had stolen all the firewood from the local village, Mario, Luigi and Toad stayed behind to gather more, while Princess Toadstool ventured on to visit Gramma.

Meanwhile, Gramma's firewood was running low, when King Koopa, dressed as a messenger, tricked her into thinking that she had won a year's supply of wood, and convinced her to go into town to claim it, so that he could dress up as her and trick Princess Toadstool once she arrived. King Koopa's plan nearly worked, although Princess Toadstool escape from the cottage while Pine explained to Gramma that everyone's firewood had been stolen. Mario, Luigi and Toad told Gramma to stay behind while they went off to rescue Princess Toadstool, but their absence allowed for three Koopa Troopas to kidnap her.

After King Koopa kidnapped Princess Toadstool, he and his Koopa Troopas brought her and Gramma to his lair in a nearby cave, where he had been hoarding everyone's firewood. However, Mario, Luigi and Toad wore the Big Bad Wolf's spare winter coats to scare off King Koopa, as the Big Bad Wolf wanted to get back at him for fighting with him earlier on.

With everyone's firewood restored, Pine explained that everyone would be able to keep warm for the rest of the season. Gramma then thanked Princess for visiting, and suggested that maybe next time, she should come and visit her instead. The six laughed in unison, and Princess Toadstool gave her grandmother a kiss on the cheek.