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Patches is a green parrot owned by the pirate Captain Clump, who often carries the bird on his shoulder. Like Captain Clump, Patches possesses an eyepatch and a peg leg. Patches and his owner appear in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "Pirates of Koopa".


In "Pirates of Koopa", Blackbeard Koopa and his Koopa Pirate Pack invade Captain Clump's ship, and Patches aids Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Toadstool and Captain Clump in fighting them off. His first attempt fails, however, when a Bob-Omb he had been planning on throwing detonates in his talons, knocking Patches into the crow's nest of Captain Clump's ship, knocking him unconscious.

Later, Patches is awoken by Mario, Luigi, Toad and Captain Clump who, having been tied to the mast of Captain Clump's ship by Blackbeard Koopa and the Koopa Pirate Pack, managed to squirm up the mast, hitting their heads on the crow's nest at the top. Clumsily getting up, Patches was instructed by Mario to throw him a star, which had appeared floating around Patches' head. Having done as he was told, Patches watches as the thrown star, revealed to be a Starman, is caught by Mario, who uses the powers it endowed him with to free himself, Captain Clump, Luigi and Toad from the restraints tieing them to the mast. After he was freed, Mario defeats several nearby, voracious Trouters and jumped on to the crow's nest of the ship, along with Luigi, Toad, Captain Clump and Patches. Once on this crow's nest, Mario severs it from Captain Clump's recently sunken ship and uses it as a boat for him, Patches, Luigi, Toad and Captain Clump.

Much later, Patches helps Mario, Luigi, Toad, Captain Clump and Toad fight the Koopa Pirate Pack on Blackbeard Koopa's ship, having first sat out their rescue of the princess from Blackbeard Koopa's fortress in Pirate's Port. During this battle, Patches manages to successfully throw a Bob-Omb that was chasing Captain Clump off Blackbeard Koopa's ship, earning him an honorable salute from his master.