Tunnel of Doom

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Not to be confused with Temple of Gloom.
The Tunnel of Doom

The Tunnel of Doom is a cavernous tunnel located underneath Koopfinger's hideout in Spy Land.

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "On Her Majesty's Sewer Service", Mario and Luigi were dropped into the Tunnel of Doom after Vampa White spun the "Tunnel of Doom" space while playing the Wheel of Misfortune.

The tunnel itself is a rather dark place, kept alit by torches that have been situated on the walls. Known inhabitants of the Tunnel of Doom include a Goomba, Piranha Plants and a Spark.

Escape from the tunnel is fairly difficult, as the only way in is through being dropped down from above. As such, one needs to find a way to reach the high opening in order to escape from the tunnel.