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A robo-suit is a robotic full-body suit that can be worn to grant the wearer(s) with numerous abilities. There have been two robo-suits that made appearances, both of which appear during The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "Robo Koopa". Both robo-suits are designed by Dr. Nerdnick, although they vary greatly in design and function.

Robo Koopa's suit[edit]

The first robo-suit built by Dr. Nerdnick is worn by King Koopa. King Koopa somehow convinces Dr. Nerdnick into building it for him, and wears it to wreak havoc on Robo Land, thus attracting the attention of Mario and friends. While wearing the suit, King Koopa goes by the alias of Robo Koopa. As Robo Koopa, King Koopa is a seemingly unstoppable force, and comes close to defeating Mario. However, Dr. Nerdnick and his assistant Bunsen trick Robo Koopa into triggering the robo-suit's ejector seat, thus sending King Koopa flying out of the suit. Dr. Nerdnick later converts this robo-suit into a "robo pizza oven."

Powers and abilities[edit]

Image Ability Description
Robo Suit Bullet Bill Launcher A retractable cannon, which can fire Bullet Bills, is hidden in the arm of the suit. Although technically a Bill Blaster, it bears no actual resemblance to one.
Robo Suit Super Strength Robo Koopa is shown to be able to shatter an entire building to pieces with little more than a single punch.
Robo Suit Super Vision Binoculars come out of the helmet portion of the suit and position themselves over Robo Koopa's eyes, thereby enhancing his eyesight.
Robo Suit Super Hearing The horns of the helmet can extend outward like antennas, implying that it enhances Robo Koopa's hearing capabilities.
Robo Suit Super Toes Large cannons are concealed within the feet of the robo suit. They are capable of firing Bomb Plants.
Robo Suit Force Field Beam By pressing a certain button, King Koopa can make the suit fire a beam of energy out of its index finger, which conceal its targets within force fields.
Robo Suit Fist A large fist can extend out of the suit's chest cavity and serve as a battering ram.
Robo Suit Lasso By pressing a certain button, King Koopa can thrust out a robotic arm twirling a rope out of the chest cavity and lasso its target.
Robo Suit Jetpack A jetpack can extend out from the back of the suit, giving Robo Koopa the ability to fly.
Robo Suit Ejector Seat By pushing a certain button, King Koopa can get blasted out of the suit and into the sky.
Robo Suit Pizza Oven After Robo Koopa is defeated, Dr. Nerdnick converts the chest cavity of the robo suit into a pizza oven. Although the limbs are kept intact, they no longer serve any real purpose.


Main article: Plumbinator

The second robo-suit, unlike the first, is given an actual name: the Plumbinator. Additionally, it required two operators in order to function. Dr. Nerdnick builds it entirely out of spare parts found in a junkyard, thus limiting the suit's full potential as a counter to the more refined Robo Koopa. Wearing the suit, Mario and Luigi challenge Robo Koopa to a duel, but ultimately lose when the suit is destroyed after a large fall.