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Toad reading about the Cowazaurus
First appearance Quest for Pizza (1989)

The Cowazaurus is a hybrid of a dinosaur and a cow briefly seen in the The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode Quest for Pizza. It is first seen when Toad was looking at a book with a picture of it. It is shown to have an udder, black spots on its skin, a pinkish hue around the mouth, white hooves, bluish fur, and saggy ears. Some of its dinosaur-like traits are its long neck, and tall body in general. The arrangement of the teats on the udder also seems to be somewhat random, unlike normal cows.

Later in the episode, an actual specimen appears when Luigi is tasked with milking it, so they can make cheese for the pizza to give to Mario. While Luigi climbs a ladder to get to one of its teats, the Cowazaurus swipes the ladder out from under Luigi with its tail, making him hold on to one of the creature's teats. This causes a lot of milk to squirt into a conveniently placed bucket. Afterwards, the creature falls in love with Luigi, and begins to chase him, until he is rescued by a vine-swinging Toad.