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Mugga is a human from the The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. Mugga is a medicine woman who lives with the Cave People in Caveman Land. She does not know how to speak Mario's language, so she uses hieroglyphics and her Cave People to communicate with him and his friends, although Toad can understand what they are saying. Her only appearance is in the episode "Quest for Pizza". In the episode, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad search for Mugga, hoping she can set the Mushroom Kingdom free. Mario's friends discover her shelter behind a waterfall. Since Mario is in an unconscious state due to a snake bite, Mugga decides to help them. After trying a number of failed treatments, Mugga whispers "pizza". Mario's friends interpret that she wants them to feed Mario pizza. They complete the pizza, but need to cook it. Mugga uses a hieroglyphic Fire Flower to tell them that they need a Fire Flower to cook the pizza.


  • In the WildBrain description of the episode she appears in, Mugga is erroneously referred to as Muggers the Medicine Woman.[1]


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