Knuckles (Saturday Supercade)

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Knuckles from Saturday Supercade.
Species Human
First appearance Saturday Supercade ("Gorilla Gangster") (1983)

Knuckles is a gangster appearing in the Saturday Supercade episode "Gorilla Gangster."

He is first seen after Donkey Kong hides in an office, where he hands the Hooligan brothers the money from their recent bank heist. Unbeknownst to the Hooligan brothers, the case he gives them is actually filled with dirty socks, while he and Mugsy have the real case containing the cash, planning to leave town to avoid capture.

Knuckles is later seen escorting Donkey Kong, dressed in Mugsy's clothes, to the club, and remains there until Mario accidentally captures him with a net, where he then runs off.

He is then seen on a jet, where he, along with Mugsy, get into a scuffle with the Hooligan brothers over the swindle. As they fight, Donkey Kong, convinced by Pauline, stops the plane by grabbing its tail, resulting in the plane snapping in half. Mario and Pauline and Donkey, disguised as a pilot and flight attendants respectively, trick the gangsters into boarding another plane and sliding down one of its evacuation slides. They are all trapped on a luggage cart, and Mario uses a biplane to blow its sail, propelling the gangsters into the baggage claim and trapping them all in suitcases. Knuckles is last seen being removed and arrested, along with Mugsy and the Hooligan brothers, much to their dismay.