S.S. Romance

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S.S. Romance
The S.S. Romance as seen in the Saturday Supercade episode Gorilla My Dreams.
First appearance Gorilla My Dreams (Saturday Supercade)

The S.S. Romance is an ocean liner appearing during the events of the Saturday Supercade episode Gorilla My Dreams. A majority of the episode takes place here.

The S.S. Romance appears as a long, yellow ocean liner, shown approaching the dock at the very beginning of the episode. Donkey Kong, being chased once again by Mario and Pauline, notices and boards the S.S. Romance in hopes of escaping. At this, the captain welcomes the passengers and they begin to board, including Miss Persimmon O'Hara as well as Barnacle and Long John, the latter noticing the former, as they first begin their plot to steal some of her wealth. Donkey Kong is next to board, albeit in the disguise of a swarmi. Mario and Pauline decide to follow, beginning by hiding themselves in some of the luggage.

While on board, the two sailors proceed with a bold attempt to harass Miss Persimmon O'Hara, only to be noticed and stopped by Donkey Kong, who both pulls her to safety and forces the sailors off the S.S. Romance. Her vision obscured, Miss O'Hara offers Donkey Kong anything he would like, revealing she owns a banana plantation.

Mario and Pauline are then shown having made it onto the boat, pursuing Donkey Kong, only for Mario to fall into a kiddie pool embedded in the ship. They both notice Donkey Kong lounging and being fed by Miss O'Hara. Pauline imitates a float as a drowning woman. Donkey Kong decides to rescue her by drinking and draining the water, only to discover Mario, who falls onto a diving board and into a folding chair, respectively.

Pauline demands Donkey Kong return to the circus, though is prevented by Miss O'Hara, who abruptly takes him off to be married. With this opportunity, Barnacle and Long John abduct Pauline, as no one is able to rescue her. She is dropped into the water, though is rescued yet again by Donkey Kong in a lifeboat, sending the sailors into the waters as well. After rescuing Miss O'Hara as well, Donkey Kong is taken into the interior of the S.S. Romance for their wedding ceremony, as Mario, Pauline, Barnacle, and Long John all rush in to stop them.

The wedding ceremony commences, with all of the passengers except the bride herself being aware her groom is an ape. The sailors, carrying her veil, with Mario and Pauline hidden in a foax wedding cake, threaten the process. The captain begins his speech, as Mario and Pauline object to the marriage and attempt to lasso Donkey Kong, only to catch the captain instead. Donkey Kong attempts to flee, only to trip over the carpet, allowing himself to be captured. However, this allows the sailors to capture and make off with Miss O'Hara again, as Mario struggles to accept he must release Donkey Kong to stop them.

This is ultimately successful as Donkey Kong is able to use an anchor to pull in the duo, as Mario attempts to capture him once more. Meanwhile, the captain rescues Miss O'Hara, suggesting the start of a romance between them. As Mario attempts to lasso Donkey Kong again, Pauline notices him escaping via shark, as Pauline reminds him he has shown he is able to capture him and will be able to do so again.