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Saturday Supercade episode
"Movie Mania"
Segment Donkey Kong
Season 1
Episode 5
Airdate USA October 15, 1983
Writer(s) Cliff Ruby
Elana Lesser
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"Movie Mania" is the fifth episode of the first season of Saturday Supercade's Donkey Kong segment.

Plot synopsis[edit]

In Los Angeles, Mario and Pauline are busy pursuing Donkey Kong atop heavy vehicle traffic congestion. Donkey Kong throws out water jugs in an attempt to stop Mario, who accidentally rips open the fabric top of an irate middle-aged woman's convertible car. After Pauline compensates the woman with free tickets to their circus, Donkey Kong hops a barricade to the nearby Golden Studios. After Mario and Pauline are stopped by a security guard who refuses to let them enter without a visitor's pass, they decide to use a nearby shovel to dig their way through.

Inside the studio, lead actor Flint Westwood for the upcoming film High Seas asks his manager to find him a new ape to co-star alongside him, as he blames his current co-star ape, Clovis, for causing his last three starring roles to bomb at the box office. As he is talking, Donkey Kong falls off some snapped power lines and crash lands right next to Flint, who hires him on the spot. Clovis is then literally ejected from his seat, and decides to enact his revenge against Flint and Donkey Kong. After Donkey Kong dramatically introduces himself to Flint, he jams into Flint's limousine to be driven to a filming location as a shocked Mario listens from his hiding spot underground.

At the first filming site in a bar, Mario attempts to play the bartender role to get close enough to Donkey Kong to hypnotize him, but Donkey Kong quickly sees through Mario's plan. Meanwhile, Clovis, who is now wearing a conspicuous costume, cuts a rope in an attempt to drop a sandbag onto Donkey Kong, but Donkey Kong notices in time and dives out of the way, causing the affected floorboard to catapult Mario over Clovis and into a serving pot, which Donkey Kong knocks away. After Flint commends Donkey Kong on his performance, Mario and Pauline then warn Donkey Kong of another sandbag Clovis attempts to drop. Flint then has Donkey Kong follow him to the next filming location, after which Clovis's agitation causes him to snap the ceiling beam and escape. Pauline warns Mario that they must stop Clovis before he puts Donkey Kong in further danger.

At another filming site aboard a galleon, Donkey Kong is atop the spar acting as a lookout; while Flint's character "warns the others", Mario and Pauline notice Clovis chopping down the mast Donkey Kong is standing atop with an axe. Pauline drives Clovis away while Mario uses a wooden stick to temporarily keep the mast steady. Pauline then asks Mario to coax Donkey Kong down; he attempts to climb some guy ropes up to Donkey Kong, but Donkey Kong shakes him off. He then flings off a nearby sail, after which Donkey Kong wraps him in the flag and jumps off the mast himself. Clovis then kidnaps Pauline, prompting Donkey Kong to use the same wooden stick Mario used earlier to engage Clovis in a mock sword fight. After Mario falls off the now-broken mast and lands in a barrel, Donkey Kong picks up said barrel in a failed attempt to hit Clovis, causing Mario to land in the water.

The mock sword fight continues until Clovis drives Donkey Kong to the edge of the plank and breaks his wooden stick in two. Donkey Kong then falls off the plank, only to grab on the edge of the plank with enough force to catapult himself and Clovis to a tightrope connecting the two unbroken masts. Clovis then disconnects the tightrope on his side, but this causes Donkey Kong to tear off the sail of the mast on his side, improvising it as a glider which he uses to drop Clovis and rescue Pauline. Clovis then lands on the steering wheel, where Flint notices and recognizes him. Donkey Kong then lands on the galleon's deck, and as Mario attempts to catch him again, he throws a prop cannonball that catches on the net and sends Mario careening into the nearby mast. This causes one of the sails to fall directly onto Donkey Kong, and Mario assumes he has been captured. Flint then decides to re-hire Clovis, having underestimated his passion for acting. To Mario's chagrin, Donkey Kong then fires himself out of the nearby cannon, escaping on a passing tourist tram.