Sooper Dooper Market

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Sooper Dooper Market
The Sooper Dooper Market in Saturday Supercade
First appearance Saturday Supercade ("Greenhouse Gorilla") (1984)
Greater location Earth

The Sooper Dooper Market is a supermarket appearing in the Saturday Supercade episode "Greenhouse Gorilla."

To test Herman's metal-eating ability, Mr. X decides to stop at the market. Donkey Kong feeds Herman some tools in the hardware section, but Mr. X tells them to "not spoil their appetite on all that junk food." They then walk up to the cashier, who runs away in fear. Herman eats the register, leaving behind the money, which Mr. X steals while "paying" for the food.

At that moment, Mario, Pauline, and Stanley arrive. Mario uses his vacuum trap on Donkey Kong and Herman, which works, though the latter manages to eat through the top of the trap. They then throw watermelons at Mario. Stanley attempts to help, but his Sprayer's nozzle releases all of his bug spray simultaneously, causing the watermelons to fall on top of them, giving Donkey Kong and Herman enough time to escape.