Obelisk Monument

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Luigi's photograph of the Obelisk Monument
Luigi's photograph of the Obelisk Monument
“The Obelisk Monument, in downtown Buenos Aires, honors the 400th anniversary of the founding of Argentina's capital city. Built in 1910 and made of stone, it was designed to look like the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. The Obelisk is very tall and can be seen from most of downtown. A small door on the monument's side allows visitors the unique opportunity to climb an obelisk. A staircase inside brings visitors to the top, where they can look out onto the Plaza de Republica and view the entire city.”
Pamphlet, Mario is Missing!

The Obelisk Monument (Spanish: El Obelisco de Buenos Aires) is a landmark in Buenos Aires in all versions of Mario is Missing!. Prior to the events of the game, Koopa Troopas steal a stone from the Obelisk, forcing its information booth to close to the public. Before leaving the city, Luigi must track down the Koopa carrying it and return the stone to the Obelisk. In order to prove he is not trying to claim the 2,375-dollar reward by turning in a fake stone, he must answer two of the following trivia questions:

  • What could a visitor do inside the Obelisk?
    • Eat a meal
    • Get a haircut
    • Climb a staircase to the very top
  • What does the Obelisk Monument honor?
    • Tall buildings
    • George Washington
    • The founding of Buenos Aires

If the stone from the Obelisk is the first item Luigi returns, he will additionally receive a $3,800 bonus.