Clearwater Cave

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Clearwater Cave
Clearwater Cave in Saturday Supercade
Bruno's partner and the Nature Scouts in Clearwater Cave
First appearance Saturday Supercade ("Rocky Mountain Monkey Business") (1983)
Greater location United States of America

Clearwater Cave is a cavern appearing in the Saturday Supercade episode "Rocky Mountain Monkey Business."

Prior to the events of the episode, the Twin Falls River altered its course to block the cave, where Bruno's partner hid his money before being sent to prison. He planned to retrieve this loot with the help of Mr. Barkley, though his plan was foiled by Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones, the former wrestling with Bruno and winning and the latter briefly unplugging some water which directly hits him and knocks him out. Donkey Kong Jr. then ties them with the chain on the treasure chest the loot is in to prevent them from escaping.