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Al in Saturday Supercade
Al (left) with his partner (right)
Species Human
First appearance Saturday Supercade ("The Amazing Rollerskate Race") (1983)

Al is a character appearing in the Saturday Supercade episode "The Amazing Rollerskate Race."

He first appears with his partner as they watch the Roller Stars from an alleyway, planning to steal their skates. They promptly snatch the box from them and flee in a convertible, though they lose the box to Donkey Kong Jr. and are forced to flee on foot after he separates the car's body from its chassis by yanking its rear bumper with a lasso. As Jr., Bones, and the Roller Stars leave for Mexico City for an international skating race on a bus, Al and his partner follow them on their own bus.

Above the Roller Stars locker room, Al and his partner grapple the box from a hole in the roof while Bones is on guard duty, hooking him on the same line before driving off in van to a cantina. At the cantina, they plan to auction the skates for their gold-plated wheels. After Jr. and Bones "entertain" the thieves with their rendition of La Cucaracha, the former uses a guitar string to tie a hat over the head of Al's partner, to which Al incapacitates Bones the same way and orders the skates back. Donkey Kong Jr. pretends to surrender, only to unleash "Monkey Muscle!" and spread beans on the cantina's floor. The thieves subsequently slip and fall, dropping the box in front Donkey Kong Jr. He then immobilizes them in a "baddie burrito" before rushing off to give back the Roller Stars' skates.

During the race, Al and his partner, in a last-ditch attempt, knock over a fruit stand to trip and subsequently kidnap all the Roller Stars except TJ. The latter, disguised as a policeman, misleads Bones into a bullring when he asks for directions. The thieves spot TJ as he passes by the bullring and give chase in their van, but Donkey Kong Jr. has a bull puncture one of the van's tires with its horns. He then unleashes "Monkey Muscle!" again and wraps up the thieves with a nearby cloth, before freeing the kidnapped Roller Stars. Though Al and his partner are not seen for the rest of the episode, it is assumed they were arrested for their crimes.