Mr. Barkley

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Mr. Barkley
Mr. Barkley in the Saturday Supercade episode "Rocky Mountain Monkey Business"
Species Human
First appearance Saturday Supercade ("Rocky Mountain Monkey Business") (1983)
“Wow! You know everything about the Rocky Mountains, Mr. Barkley.”
Unnamed bespectacled Nature Scout, "Rocky Mountain Monkey Business"

Mr. Barkley (also known as the Scout Master on screenwriting material) is a character in the Saturday Supercade episode "Rocky Mountain Monkey Business." He is a nature observer who serves as a guide for his apprentices, the Nature Scouts, and has extensive knowledge on the Rocky Mountains.

He is first seen at the beginning of the episode talking about some of the local wildlife, where Bones accidentally disturbs him while attempting to scope out the area atop a pine tree. He is then subsequently captured by a recently escaped convict and his pet bear Bruno and brought to an abandoned ranger's cabin. The convict forces Mr. Barkley to explain to him why he cannot find the loot he hid before he was sent to prison, to which Mr. Barkley explains that the Twin Falls River altered its course to block the entrance to Clearwater Cave. After the convict is distracted by Donkey Kong Jr. and the Nature Scouts, Bones attempts to untie Mr. Barkley, only to fail and wake up Bruno. This gives the convict ample time to escape with Mr. Barkley and the Nature Scouts in tow.

The criminal duo continues to hold Mr. Barkley and the Nature Scouts hostage until they reach the loot's hiding place, in which a buildup of water seeps through the crack and forces Mr. Barkley and the Nature Scouts to climb onto a boulder before it begins flooding over. They begin calling for help, prompting Donkey Kong Jr. to lift up the boulder and rescue them all. After the convict and Bruno are dealt with, Mr Barkley thanks Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones for stopping the criminal duo.