Steve (NES Open Tournament Golf)

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Steve NESGolf.png
Steve as he appears in NES Open Tournament Golf
Species Human
First appearance NES Open Tournament Golf (1991)

Steve is a non-playable human character in NES Open Tournament Golf. He wears black pants, a black vest, and a brown hat which is tilted down so that it covers his eyes. The player can play against him in the bet on 1 hole mode if they have $500, as well as challenge him in match play. He is considered to be a beginner ranked player.

In Steve's official artwork for the game, his shirt and pants are depicted to be light shades of brown with a dark brown vest. He also is given a black bandana and dark brown boots. Steve's hat is clearly shown to be a fedora which covers almost all of his brown hair.

The character is exclusive to the North American version, alongside Mark, and may have been named for Steve Miles, one of two men who localized the game for that market.