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The French logo of Donkey Kong Planet

Donkey Kong Planet[1] (known in French as La planète de Donkey Kong, and later renamed DKTV and is a programming block that aired from September 4, 1996 to September 1st 2001 on France 2, reusing various assets from the Donkey Kong Country animated series. It was produced and animated by Medialab.

Unlike what is claimed by various publications, La planète de Donkey Kong is not the French name of the Donkey Kong Country cartoon (which simply had the same name in French), but rather a separate show which aired exclusively in France.


Using a children's anthology format (similar to King Koopa's Kool Kartoons), consisted of airings of various animated series and children's live-action shows interspersed with original material featuring part of the Donkey Kong Country series cast. The original incarnation of the show co-starred children show host Mélanie Angélie and Donkey Kong, with skits frequently deriving humor from Donkey Kong's dimwittedness and misunderstanding of human customs. After Mélanie Angélie departed the show in 2000, the show was retooled as DKTV and featured content ranging from comedic skits to musical numbers and parodies of current movies and TV shows. Although ostensibly aimed toward children, DKTV sometimes featured language and subject matters cruder than one would expect from its timeslot and source material.

Donkey Kong Planet used the same motion capture style of animation as Donkey Kong Country, but had the characters superimposed over a live-action set and frequently interacting with real actors.

The interstial segments featured Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Candy Kong and Funky Kong, whose models would often portray multiple different characters in a single skit. Other animated characters included generic Kremlings (using a reindeer themed edit of Krusha's model). Although produced by the same company and reusing the models from the first season of Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong Planet's voice cast was completely different from the French dub of Donkey Kong Country.

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DKTV won a 1999 7 d'Or for excellence in children programming, as decided by a public vote.[2]

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