Le comte de Monte Costaud

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Skit title screen of "Le comte de Monte Costaud" from La planète de Donkey Kong.

Le comte de Monte Costaud (The Count of Monte Costaud) is a skit that aired as part of Donkey Kong Planet. As with many of the show's skits, it is framed as a trailer for an upcoming TV show. Its title is a pun on the French title of the classic novel The Count of Monte Cristo and the French word "costaud" (meaning "tough" or "buff"), and it specifically parodies the 1998 French-Italian miniseries of the same name.


A gif of the DKTV skit Le comte de Monte Costaud.
Donkey Kong punching Funky Kong in the face.

Donkey Kong has been framed by Funky Kong for an unspecified crime. Imprisoned in a cell of the "Château d'ouf" (a pun on the Château d'If), Donkey Kong mumbles to himself that he will get revenge and kicks down the door of his cell. The narrator then explains that Donkey Kong managed to avoid public scrutiny using "subtle disguises" and has hatched a complex scheme to get his vengeance.

The scene then cuts to Donkey Kong quipping at Funky to catch his attention. While Funky turns, Donkey runs up to him and punches him unconscious. As Donkey Kong walks away, the narrator quips "Le comte de Monte Costaud: a French story, filmed American-style, starring Arnold Dipardieu" (a riff on action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger and acclaimed actor Gérard Depardieu).