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Not to be confused with Krusha.
Artwork of Krushy from Donkey Kong Planet
Species Kremling
First appearance Donkey Kong Planet (1999)
Portrayed by Philippe Sax
“Salut c'est moi Krushy, direct from de la téci (Hi it's me Krushy, direct from the hood)
Krushy, Donkey Kong Planet website[1]

Krushy is a young, green Kremling who appears as one of the main characters of the French programming block Donkey Kong Planet, alongside the Kongs. He was added to the block when it was retooled as DKTV. He is the only major character of Donkey Kong Planet who does not appear in the Donkey Kong Country television series and is not a Kong. He is portrayed by Philippe Sax.[2]

Krushy's model and name are based on Krusha's from the television series. He dons a white hat depicting a Kremling's head, black shoes, white shorts, and a black shirt with the letters "KR" on it. His character bio on the Donkey Kong Planet website describes him as a slightly goofy character; however, it also states that he should not be messed with, and that he possesses "hard teeth and a jaw of steel".[1]



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