The Day the Island Stood Still

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Donkey Kong Country episode
"The Day the Island Stood Still"
The title screen for The Day the Island Stood Still
Season 3
Episode 4
Airdate USA January 19, 2000
Writer(s) Ian James Corlett
Patrice Musson
Song(s) "Feel the Power"
"Wake Up!"
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"The Day the Island Stood Still" is the thirtieth episode of the Donkey Kong Country television series and the fourth episode of season three. Donkey Kong, tired from just sitting around guarding the Crystal Coconut, accidentally wishes he could sleep forever. The Coconut grants his wish, but, in the process, time is stopped; the barrelworks are shut down, and all clocks and even the sun stop moving. The title is a reference to the 1951 film The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Plot synopsis[edit]

King K. Rool has decided that, in order to begin his reign of Kongo Bongo, he and his army must be ready and in perfect health. General Klump and Krusha assure him that his army is ready, and then show off their "physical fitness". K. Rool then tells them that, for this reason, he has prepared a "painstaking fitness test." Klump seems worried about this, but Krusha only thinks about steak. K. Rool states that the session will last for an hour with jumping jacks, and the three commence with a training montage.

Meanwhile, in Cranky's cabin, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are guarding the Crystal Coconut, though only Donkey is watching; Diddy is distracted by his video game. Donkey Kong states that watching the coconut is boring, and says that he could "go for a banana." Diddy Kong states that he just recently ate a dozen, so DK decides to take a nap. Feeling good by taking a nap, Donkey Kong wishes that he could sleep forever. The Crystal Coconut then begins to glow, and an earthquake occurs as Diddy runs outside and notices that the sun has stopped moving.

At Bluster Barrelworks, Candy is busy working when the machinery randomly stops. She is concerned for a second, but decides to worry about it after her break; however, what she doesn't notice is that the clock has stopped one minute before. Bluster runs over to her, worried that "money [isn't] being made". Candy states that the machines have stopped, to which Bluster replies they have to have to get them started again. She then tells him that she is on her break, though Bluster notices that the clock is stuck on 2:58. He tries to get the clock working by kicking the wall, which only causes him to hurt his foot.

In the jungle, Cranky Kong is trying to take a picture of a floradora orchid, a flower which only blooms once every year for exactly five seconds, when the sun is in a certain position. Just as Cranky is about to take the picture (stating, "see you next year, my pretty!"), he notices that the flower has not wilted, even though five seconds had passed, and then notices that the sun isn't moving.

Back at K. Rool's, Krusha and Klump are still exercising. Klump, while doing push-ups, falls unconscious, asking if he can have "permission to have a stroke." K. Rool denies his "request," stating that they still have an hour left. Even though he is shocked by this, he disregards it and continues to exercise.

In Cranky's tree house, Diddy Kong is trying to wake up DK, but fails to do so. Cranky then rushes in, noticing that, even though the sun has stopped, the Crystal Coconut is safe. Cranky then notices that none of the clocks are working, to which Diddy explains that Donkey decided to take a nap, and now he cannot wake up. Cranky then begins to investigate his condition.

At the same time, King K. Rool is sleeping as Klump and Krusha continue to exercise, although at this point, Krusha has fallen asleep. He then rolls over, the resulting quake causing K. Rool to wake up. He then notices Klump exercising and Krusha sleeping, then notices that his watch is not working, leading him to the conclusion that time has stopped. He then goes to a computer, and notices that the sun has stopped. Because of all these signs, K. Rool is certain he isn't the only one who has noticed, so he puts a visual of Cranky Kong's house on the screen. On the screen, he notices that DK has fallen asleep. He then overhears Diddy explaining what happened to Cranky, and eventually, they both find out that Donkey Kong's wish caused time to stop around them. Diddy thinks that Cranky has a way to wake him up, to which the old ape replies that he doesn't. King K. Rool then decides to steal the Crystal Coconut now that Donkey Kong is incapacitated.

Cranky is looking through several books, trying to find a way to either wake up Donkey Kong or get time moving again, but finds nothing. Candy walks inside and notices Donkey Kong asleep, and stops Diddy right as he tries to blow him up. Diddy explains that this was meant to wake him up, and Cranky explains the situation to her, as K. Rool tries to wake up his men to for their invasion. Back at Cranky's, Cranky states that he has checked every one of his spell books and has found nothing on how to wake him up. Both K. Rool and the Kongs then try to wake up their sleeping allies.

King K. Rool has succeeded in waking up his men, and explains to them that time has stopped and that Donkey Kong has fallen into an endless sleep, meaning that they can steal the Crystal Coconut without interference.

Krusha and Klump head over to Cranky's tree house to retrieve the coconut, but, right when they arrive, the doors slam open to reveal Donkey Kong has awakened; however, he is really wearing a pair of glasses with fake eyes for the lenses, as part of a trick by Diddy Kong to make them think he is awake. Believing that he really was awake, the two run away, and Cranky activates one of the traps, causing the bridge to fall from beneath them.

Having fooled them into thinking Donkey was awake, Candy asks what they can do to try and awaken Donkey Kong. Cranky Kong then states that they can ask the Inka Dinka Doo for the answer. Diddy transports Donkey to the Inka Dinka Doo shrine, and explains the situation to him. The statue answers that the only way to wake him is to "plant a kiss from the apple in his eye." Diddy states that it didn't make sense, but Inka Dinka Doo demands that he leave.

General Klump and Krusha return to King K. Rool, and the leader asks them why they have failed to retrieve the Crystal Coconut. Klump explains to him that Donkey Kong had awakened, though K. Rool's video feed proved that they had been tricked. K. Rool then decides to go with them to retrieve the coconut.

Diddy transports Donkey Kong back to Cranky's house and explains what Inka Dinka Doo told him. Candy then explains that, he has to get a kiss from the one he loves, and plants a kiss on his cheek. He is stirred, but doesn't wake up. Diddy thinks it has to be on his lips, and Candy tries that, but it also doesn't work. She tries several more times, all of which are in vain. Later, Cranky is forcing Diddy to kiss him (stating that "everyone on the island has kissed him, and so will you!"). Diddy kisses his cheek, though this doesn't work either. Bluster is then forced into kissing his cheek, though he wasn't the correct choice either (DK is actually repulsed by his kiss).

As Diddy and Cranky are eating, Candy notices that Klump and Krusha have returned, now with King K. Rool. They then execute the same trick they used last time, though Candy is talking to him this time. K. Rool instantly sees through their trick, and quickly enters Cranky's, where he instantly proves to them that he figured this out. He then sends Krusha and Klump to claim the coconut, but Diddy steps in to stop them, and somehow ends up defeating them. However, this does not stop K. Rool from trying to claim the Coconut. However, as he is about to grab it, he notices Donkey Kong yawning. This causes him to stumble, which in turn causes him to trip a fallen bowl of fruit, and two apples land in his eyes. Klump, who has gotten up at this point, slips on a banana and stumbles into K. Rool. This causes him to stumble around blindly, accidentally kissing Donkey Kong's cheek. This kiss actually wakes him up, and causes time to resume. DK then proceeds to punch all three out of the house, and activates one of the tree house's traps, flinging the Kremlings across the platform.

Afterward, Donkey is apologizing to Candy for not responding to her kiss while he was asleep. Cranky then convinces her to let it go, and she kisses him again, which causes him to fall asleep once again. Candy is concerned that she did something to him, but Donkey then wakes up, having tricked her. Everyone, even Candy, laughs at Donkey Kong's joke.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 永遠の眠り
Eien no nemuri
Eternal Sleep
Dutch De dag dat het eiland stil stand The Day that the Island Standstill
French Le jour où l'île s'arrêta The Day the Island Stood Still
German Der Tag, an dem die Zeit stillstand The Day the Time Stood Still