The Big Chill Out

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Donkey Kong Country episode
"The Big Chill Out"
The Big Chill Out
Season 2
Episode 11
Airdate France February 5, 1997
USA August 16, 1998
Writer(s) Dale Schott
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"The Big Chill Out" is the twenty-fourth episode of the Donkey Kong Country television series and the eleventh episode of season 2. It was the second episode to air in North America. During the episode, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong go into business after accidentally making a delicious cold drink, "Coconut Chill", during a hot spell on the island.

Plot synopsis[edit]

The episode begins with Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and Candy Kong sitting near Bluster Barrelworks in a heat wave. The Kongs are very hot, so Diddy Kong suggests that they go swimming at the beach. However, Candy reveals she cannot laze around with DK and Diddy all day because she has to work, and she heads into the barrelworks factory immediately. Donkey Kong wonders why she was acting so strangely, but then Bluster Kong interrupts him and tells him that Candy is tired of him and "wants a monkey who's made something out of himself." Donkey Kong defends himself by explaining that he is going to be the future ruler of the island according to the Crystal Coconut, but Bluster believes this does not matter, stating that he does not need any "Crystal Coconut mumbo-jumbo to win Candy's hand."

Diddy fights back by saying "Yeah, all you need is a mummy who owns a barrel factory!", but Donkey Kong becomes disheartened. He wonders if Bluster is right, and that Candy only has an interest in him because of the Crystal Coconut. Just then, Cranky Kong arrives and tells them that he has been looking for them all over the island. He takes them to his cabin to speak to them.

When they arrive at the cabin, Cranky tries to explain what he is going to do, but cannot finish his sentence because of the loud banging noises coming from Donkey Kong. Noticing the ape smashing something with a hammer, he asks him what he is doing. Donkey Kong replies by saying that he wants to start up a business, such as a barrel factory, showing a barrel that he has just made. However, the barrel falls apart, with Cranky telling him "You've got no business going into business." Instead, the old ape explains that his "business" is guarding the Crystal Coconut while he is gone for the next few days to get ingredients for his potions.

Meanwhile, King K. Rool, who seems excited, announces his next dangerous device with which to defeat the Kongs: "the K.C.C.B.M." General Klump pronounces the word, telling the king that he needs to "recruit some more vowels." K. Rool explains that it actually stands for "the K. Rool to Crystal Coconut and Back Missile." He then explains that the contraption is supposed to use a mechanical arm to grab the Crystal Coconut and then fly back to the Kremling hideout.

Back at Cranky's Cabin, DK and Diddy Kong are still guarding the Crystal Coconut. Donkey Kong wants to find something to make himself out of, so Diddy replies by telling him something he is good at doing: lunch. Donkey Kong becomes more disheartened when he hears this, stating that they just had lunch. Diddy checks the refrigerator anyway, as he says they only had Candy's lunch, not Cranky's. However, the refrigerator is empty of bananas, with nothing in it but ice. Donkey Kong suggests that they try eating coconuts, but when he breaks one open, the milk is steaming as a result of the hot day, as Diddy points out.

The Big Chill Out
The line of Kritters wanting a Coconut Chill

Donkey Kong wonders how long it will take him to become the ruler of the island to make something out of himself, but then Diddy suddenly throws a snowball at him from the ice in the refrigerator. The ice falls into the coconut, and Donkey Kong drinks it, finding it very appealing. The two Kongs decide to call their new drink "Coconut Chill" before Donkey Kong gets the idea of selling it to make a good business. The primates begin to sell their new drink, which quickly gains mass popularity. As the two Kongs sing a song about being on the "road to success", several Kritters, as well as Candy Kong and Funky Kong, get in line to purchase the item. At the end of the song, Bluster admits that DK and Diddy have created something successful without his involvement.

At the Kremling hideout, King K. Rool announces that a hot day like today is "perfect for a brutal would-be dictator" like himself. King K. Rool becomes angry at the sound of "squeaking machinery" and "moaning Kritters", stating that they are supposed to be building his K.C.C.B.M. He hits a switch to cause a platform holding the incomplete device and several sleeping Kritters to rise closer to him. The king then yells at the Kritters, causing them to wake up and begin working again.

King K. Rool and Klump head out to find where the other Kritter minions are. They learn that they are at Cranky's Cabin, but they are not sure why they are present there. As they go to learn more, a Kritter comes racing towards them with a Coconut Chill in its hands. They hit the Kritter with a bat to stop it and take its beverage. King K. Rool drinks the item, finding it appealing. He commands Klump to go and find more, but then several other Kritters rush by with their Coconut Chills. King K. Rool and General Klump stop them all.

The Big Chill Out
Bluster speaks to the Kongs.

Meanwhile, DK and Diddy Kong sit in Cranky's Cabin, which is full of their earnings of bananas from selling the Coconut Chill drinks. Before Donkey Kong can fully state that Candy will be amazed when she see what they have earned, Bluster Kong knocks on the door and quickly enters the room, even though they are closed. He announces that it is "obvious" that they need his "big business know-how" to make their Coconut Chill a big success. With some persuasion, the Kongs accept his help with business.

King K. Rool and Klump soon finish knocking out every Kritter that comes up to them with a Coconut Chill, even though King K. Rool is disappointed by the number of Coconut Chills he has gotten. Suddenly, the Kremlings notice each of the Kritters they had knocked out with their own bats. King K. Rool then announces that he will take the Coconut Chill back to his lab and analyze its ingredients, which excites the Kritters, prompting them to lower their bats and not attack K. Rool and Klump.

The next day, King K. Rool finds Klump sleeping during his job of finding the ingredients for the Coconut Chill. Klump presents him and the Kritters with what he has made, but cannot find a volunteer to drink it. As a result, he is forced to drink it himself; the drink causes him to collapse. Suddenly, King K. Rool comes up with another "brilliant and devious" idea: he announces that, with a short adjustment to the homing of his device, he will turn his K.C.C.B.M. into the "K. Rool Coconut Chill and Back Missile."

Later, DK and Diddy Kong sit by several mine carts full of coconuts, completely tired. Donkey Kong admits that he was not planning on picking tons of coconuts under the hot sun when Bluster told them to "think big." Donkey Kong then pulls out a trumpet and begins to play as the screen assumes a sepia tone. Diddy starts to sing about how all the hard work is too much for him, but DK reassures him that sooner or later, all their hard work will pay off. Afterwards, when color returns to the screen, the primates head to Bluster Barrelworks with all their coconuts, where Bluster is talking on the phone about his Coconut Chill being a big success. The Kongs ask for their profit, but Bluster announces that he traded all the bananas to Eddie the Mean Old Yeti to get more ice to make the Coconut Chills. Just then, DK and Diddy are hit by a giant ball of snow that has recently come from Eddie in the mountains. While the Kongs are stuck in the ice, Bluster announces that it is "time to get to work."

DK, Diddy, and even Candy get to work by breaking coconuts, putting ice in them, and creating barrels for them. When they are done working, Donkey Kong asks Candy if they can go swimming together, but Candy refuses, stating that she would rather "go swimming with a shark" than go with a "boring old big-shot Bluster clone" such as Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong does not understand what is wrong, but he then notices Diddy Kong exiting the barrel factory, tired and worn out by all the work. Suddenly, Cranky runs up to Donkey Kong angrily.

The ape is reluctant to tell Cranky about the Coconut Chill's success, but is then reminded that he should be watching the Crystal Coconut. Donkey Kong has no worries, as he points out that the Coconut is on top of a barrel nearby. However, he realizes that it is not there anymore, so he and Cranky frantically search for it. While Cranky looks inside a barrel, Donkey Kong finds the Coconut underneath something. Cranky becomes stuck in the barrel as the ape reaches down for the Coconut, so he does not notice what has happened. The machine seals Cranky inside of the barrel and sends him into a rocket, which flies away before Donkey Kong can free him.

Meanwhile, King K. Rool announces that he is going to send the K.C.C.B.M. device. When he says "blast off," Klump sends it, even though King K. Rool tells him that he wanted to hit the button to set it off. The Kremlings also send out mine carts to collect the Coconut Chill that they are going to steal. The K.C.C.B.M. rocket follows the rocket containing Cranky Kong and the Coconut Chills. Below them, Donkey Kong swings through the jungle to save Cranky. King K. Rool controls his device to grab onto the other rocket; the K.C.C.B.M. then redirects the rocket to head to the mine carts near the Kremling hideout. Heading into the jungle, the rocket drops all of its contents into mine carts, which are then taken into the hideout. Donkey Kong jumps into the mine cart to find Cranky and smashes the barrels, while the Kremlings celebrate farther into the mines.

Once the ape finds Cranky, the primates head out and the mine carts continue to the Kremlings. The mine carts arrive in the hideout of many excited Kritters. King K. Rool announces that the beverages are melting, so he and Klump jump in, although they cannot get any Coconut Chill because of the quick movement of the carts.

The Big Chill Out
The cold air blows into the factory.

Later, Bluster angrily commands DK and Diddy Kong to make another shipment of Coconut Chill. The Kongs realize that Bluster is making them live the good life the hard way, and that Candy Kong is not impressed by the business in any way, so they sell their share of the Coconut Chill for two bananas. The two Kongs quickly eat the bananas, and then Bluster becomes very excited, thinking that he will make thousands of bananas from the Coconut Chill. Just then, a cold wind enters the factory, and the hot days on the island end. Bluster knows that he is ruined, and then suddenly, Eddie sends more ice down to the factory. The ice rolls into the room and crashes into Bluster, who calls his mom. She tells him to stop the Coconut Chill business and to stop ordering ice.

At Cranky's Cabin, Donkey Kong announces that he has to find something else he is good at. Cranky interrupts him and tells him that he is "astoundingly" good at: "getting into some really numbskulled situations." Cranky encourages him by saying that anyone can have trouble watching the Crystal Coconut. Candy then brings up that he thought he needed to be "some kind of big-shot business ape" to impress her. However, Candy Kong forgives him for doing this and tries to kiss him, even though it is interrupted by Cranky, who tells them that the Kremlings will need some time to thaw out. Afterwards, the Kremlings are seen freezing in their hideout from the Coconut Chills.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ココナッツ・シェイク
Kokonattsu Sheiku
Coconut Shake

French Le grand frisson
The Big Chill Out
Spanish La Gran Helada (Latin America)
The Big Frost