Message in a Bottle Show

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Donkey Kong Country episode
"Message in a Bottle Show"
Message in a Bottle Show.
Season 3
Episode 14
Airdate USA January 21, 2000
Writer(s) Christophe Villez
Terry Saltsman
Song(s) None
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"Message in a Bottle Show" is the fortieth and final episode of the Donkey Kong Country television series and the fourteenth episode of season three. It was the thirty-first episode to air in North America. Donkey Kong receives a note that indicates he may have to leave the island. The others hold a party for him, remembering some of the times they had together. This series finale is primarily a clip show, reusing footage from previous episodes, largely from the first season. It is also the only episode in the series to have no musical interludes.

Plot synopsis[edit]

Message in a Bottle Show.
Cranky reads the message.

The episode begins with Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong spending a day fishing. Donkey Kong unexpectedly reels in a bottle. Donkey Kong is ready to trash the old bottle when Diddy notices a message inside of it. He notices that it is for Donkey Kong, so he gives it to him to read. He reads "On behalf of the Federation of Future Rulers, you, Donkey Kong, have been elected future ruler of all future rulers. We would like you to report for your five year term in office tomorrow." Donkey Kong realizes that they want him to leave Kongo Bongo Island. Cranky Kong soon walks up to them, yelling at them to stop goofing around, until the ape gives him the message he has just received. Cranky Kong is excited about his promotion, and decides to hold a banquet for him.

Message in a Bottle Show.
Eddie speaks about Donkey Kong.

At the banquet, Donkey Kong notices that all of the Kongs have arrived. Diddy Kong begins the opening announcements for the party, and quickly calls up Eddie the Mean Old Yeti to speak about Donkey Kong, before he is booed off the stage. Eddie declares that he thinks Donkey Kong is cool, and the whole audience applauds and laughs, all except Diddy Kong, who is surprised at how Eddie gets laughs but not himself. Eddie begins to explain the times with he and Donkey Kong, where he chased him for the Crystal Coconut and smashed him with a giant snowball. This causes Donkey Kong to realize that they really have not gotten as many laughs as he thought.

After Eddie gives Donkey Kong a hug, which physically crushes him, Diddy announces that Funky Kong is next to speak. Funky quickly jumps on stage and a says that he and Donkey have had a lot of times together. A flashback soon starts, showcasing all the dangerous stunts Funky has performed, like the time he had Diddy and Donkey fall out his plane to get to Kaptain Skurvy's ship, when they were practicing dance moves at Inka Dinka Doo's temple, and when the three of them went on a treasure hunt and DK's bananas fell out of the plane. The flashback continues with some of the slang Funky has said throughout the show. Once Funky is done with his speech, he comes down to shake Donkey Kong's hand. As the ape goes to shake it, Funky moves his hand and slaps the ape's hand, laughing.

The audience claps and cheers, and Diddy Kong soon announces Bluster Kong as next to speak. Bluster Kong begins a flashback showing times with him and Donkey Kong, including a time where he was trapped in a barrel because of the ape. The ape begins to explain the times that would be better if Donkey Kong was not around, and the flashbacks continue with Bluster Kong entering his factory and asking Candy Kong who the most handsome and bravest ape on the island is. Candy replies with "Donkey Kong", and Bluster angrily asks what Donkey Kong has that he does not. Another flashback is seen with Bluster Kong, asking Candy Kong if she wants to go out with him, while wearing his Banana Flip. The flashbacks continue, to Donkey Kong's displeasure.

Diddy forces Bluster off the stage before Donkey Kong becomes more upset, and Diddy Kong tries to sing a musical tribute to DK. However, the audience boos at this idea, so Diddy announces Candy Kong to come up on stage. Candy tells Donkey Kong that she believes that the ape's promotion was the best thing to ever happen to him. Donkey Kong is surprised by this, as he knows she will greatly miss him. Flashbacks are then shown of Donkey Kong and Candy Kong about to kiss, although every time, the moment is interrupted by another character. When the flashbacks end, Candy gets off the stage, ready to finally kiss Donkey Kong - until King K. Rool comes in with his minions, General Klump and Krusha.

Message in a Bottle Show.
Klump and Krusha begin to speak.

King K. Rool is infuriated because he has not been invited to Donkey Kong's leaving party. He demands to be part of the party, so Donkey Kong allows him to do so, as long as he behaves. As Diddy announces the next speaker, Klump and Krusha interrupt him and head up to the stage to speak instead. A flashback begins showing Klump and Krusha on their many attempts to steal the Crystal Coconut for K. Rool and defeat Donkey Kong. Each time, the ape defeats them. The two Kremlings cry after the flashback ends, remembering all of the times with DK, and then King K. Rool goes up to speak. He explains all the times he was defeated by the ape, and the many times when he was enraged by him. He then announces that he will retire from being a villain, albeit after he finishes completing his tasks. Flashbacks then appear with the Kremling's many attempts to steal the Crystal Coconut, and the many times he has failed.

After the flashbacks are over, K. Rool hugs DK, and Diddy prepares to announce the next speaker, Cranky Kong. Cranky Kong explains that DK has been like a "big, hairy, clumsy son" to him, and then flashbacks showing Cranky and all the names he has called the ape are shown. When the flashbacks are over, Donkey Kong gives Cranky a hug, and the audience applauds. Diddy Kong then says his own speech, and flashbacks appear showing him and his buddy, Donkey Kong, in the many dangerous situations they have gotten into. Everybody claps for Donkey Kong when he is done, and then the ape walks on stage to speak. Flashbacks start again, showing Donkey Kong acting clumsily, running off of cliffs and smashing into trees. More flashbacks show him and other islanders in several moments in their past adventures.

Message in a Bottle Show.
Everyone at the party leaves.

When Donkey Kong is done speaking, he explains that it is not easy leaving all of his friends, and then starts to read part of his letter that he had gotten from the bottle. While reading the name on the message, he reads "Monkey Kong", which Cranky notices. The old ape grabs the letter out of his hands and realizes that the message was not for Donkey Kong after all; it was for someone named "Monkey Kong". Donkey Kong, excited that he no longer has to leave the island, notices that all the islanders at the banquet have become completely silent. They exit the room, angry that they had held the party for no reason. The episode ends with Donkey Kong encouraging them to have another party. However, the islanders still continue to leave because they are tired of having parties.


DK: It won't be easy leaving all my friends, but... well, when you get a letter that says, "You, Monkey Kong, have been..."
Cranky: Monkey Kong? Let me see that.
[Cranky reads the letter to see what really had been put on there]
Cranky: I should've known, you alphabet-challenged ape. "Monkey," not "Donkey." This letter isn't for you!
DK: Hey, I don't have to leave Kongo Bongo. Isn't that great news?
[Crickets chirping]
Candy: Then we made this whole big bash for nothing?
Bluster: Then why did I pay for this dinner?
Eddie: Then why I brush my teeth?
Diddy: Then why did I use up my best material on this shindig?

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワニとサルの決闘
Wani to saru no kettō
The Battle of the Crocodiles and the Apes
French Adieu Kongo Bongo ! Farewell Kongo Bongo!
German Die Flaschenpost The Bottle Post


  • The name of the episode is a play on the terms "message in a bottle" and "bottle show", which refers to a cheaply-produced episode of a series that uses primarily central characters, sets, and effects. This also extends to clip shows, which are primarily composed of clips taken from previous episodes.