Kremkroc Industries, Inc.

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Kremkroc Industries, Inc.
Kremkroc DKC.png
Game Donkey Kong Country
Level(s) 6
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“The Kremling's crowning industrial achievements are the huge factories they built in Donkey Kong Country. These factories do not adhere to strict safety codes, and are full of burning oil drums, faulty lighting and perilous platforms. Enter at your own risk.”
Donkey Kong Country instruction booklet, page 20

Kremkroc Industries, Inc., formatted as Kremkroc Industries in the Game Boy Color version, Kremkroc Industries Inc. in the Game Boy Advance version, and also known as Kremkrock Industry Inc.,[1] is the fifth world in Donkey Kong Country. Located at the top-left of Donkey Kong Island, Kremkroc Industries, Inc. is an industrial area filled with subterranean areas and factories run by the Kremlings. The factories generate a lot of pollution, causing the area to be murky. The pollution even carries over into a large pond at the bottom of the world. According to the Nintendo Power guide, Kremkroc Industries, Inc. used to be a lush environment before Kremlings built the factories.[2] The world's boss is Dumb Drum, who is a large black drum. The Factory world from Donkey Kong Country Returns is thematically similar and contains arrangements of its music; it has been suggested to be the same location.[3]

In the Donkey Kong Country TV show, the place appears as King K. Rool's lair which the Mines are connected to.

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Kremkroc Industries, Inc. has two factory levels, two walkway levels (one of them is a Mine Cart stage), a cave level, and an underwater level.

Level Description Enemies Animal Friends
Oil Drum Alley SNES.png
Oil Drum Alley
Oil Drum Alley takes place in a factory, and it has metallic floors, yellow caution strips, flaming oil barrels, and Gnawtys. The level has the Kongs evade Oil Barrels, bounce on rubber tires, and use the TNT barrels located inside loose floor tiles to find Bonus Areas. Gnawty
Manky Kong
Trick Track Trek SNES.png
Trick Track Trek
This level has both a walkway and an elevator theme. After avoiding nuts thrown by a Necky at the start of the level, the lead Kong should proceed to the elevator platform. Once the leader sets foot on it, the platform automatically starts, though the speed and direction are unchangeable. In the first half of the level, Neckys appear to pester the Kongs, either flying at the elevator or spitting deadly nuts at them. After the Continue Barrel has been broken, Gnawties come to further annoy the Kongs, usually falling straight at them. Necky
Manky Kong
Elevator Antics SNES.png
Elevator Antics*
Another cave/elevator level. This level first starts off as a regular cave level, with many Slippas and Zingers to spare; the level even features ropes. Later in the level, though, rising and falling elevators are found. Slippa
Poison Pond
Poison Pond*
Poison Pond takes place in a polluted, green pond. Going to the left of the screen from where the level starts reveals a secret area which has the letter "K" and an animal crate with Enguarde inside. Many Mincers are found throughout the level, and often move in the Kong's path. Every water enemy is in the level except Chomps. Bitesize
Chomps Jr.
Mine Cart Madness
Mine Cart Madness**
The fifth level of the world and the second and last Mine Cart level. Unlike Mine Cart Carnage, the Kongs jump out of the Mine Cart to avoid dangerous obstacles, grab items, or to jump on enemies. Gnawty
Blackout Basement SNES.png
Blackout Basement**
The second and last factory level of the game. The level, as the name suggests, takes place in a lower part of a factory with electrical problems. As a result, the lights flicker on and off repeatedly, and when the lights are off, the level goes completely black, hiding everything except the Kongs. Kritter
Manky Kong
Boss Dumb Drum
Boss level: Boss Dumb Drum
This is where the Kongs fight the world boss, Dumb Drum, a giant oil drum who spawns enemies. Kritter
*These levels switch positions in the Game Boy Advance remake.
**These levels switch positions in the Game Boy Advance remake.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レベル5 カントリーファクトリー
Reberu 5 Kantorī fakutorī
Level 5 Country Factory
French Kremkroc et Kompagnie (SNES)
Kremkroc s.a.r.l. (GBC)
Kremkroc Kompany
Kremkroc Ltd.
German Krimskrams GmbH (SNES)
Kremkroc GmbH (GBC)
Odds and Ends LLC
Kremkroc LLC
Italian Kremcocco SpA Kremcroc LLC
Spanish Industrias Kremroc



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