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Sprite of an on ON/OFF Barrel in Donkey Kong Country.Sprite of an off ON/OFF Barrel in Donkey Kong Country.

On & Off Barrels,[1][2] also known as ON/OFF Barrels[3] (or On/Off Barrels),[4] are a type of barrel that appears only in Loopy Lights in Donkey Kong Country. As suggested by their name, On & Off Barrels act similarly to light switches. They are found either on the ground or in midair. By default, every On & Off Barrel has the white text "OFF" painted on it. If Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong touch an On & Off Barrel, all On & Off Barrels switch to "ON," lighting up the level for a few seconds, during which the Kongs can see the path and the enemies ahead. On & Off Barrels are similar to the Stop & Go Barrels from Stop & Go Station. In the Game Boy Color version, Loopy Lights is not as dark while the ON/OFF Barrels are turned off, and the Game Boy Advance version gives the level maroon tint while the On & Off Barrels are set to "OFF," making it even less dark.

Though On & Off Barrels make no other appearances, the Donkey Kong Land 2 iteration of Glimmer's Galleon features a similar type of barrel throughout, named Light Barrels, which brighten the level temporarily.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Barile ON / OFF[5]
ON / OFF barrel


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