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A Krash in Donkey Kong 64
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Advance) (2003)
Parent species Kritter
Related species

A Krash is a minecart-driving Kremling species which debuted in Donkey Kong Country. Krashes are identical in appearance to Kritters, but the context they are found in alters their behavior and, eventually, attack pattern.

In their debut game, Krashes are first found within Mine Cart Carnage, the second level of Monkey Mines. Here, they attempt to run into Donkey and Diddy Kong, knocking them off the minecart track they are traveling on if doing so. Krashes cannot be defeated in any way, despite being Kritters with uncovered top sides. If the Kongs attempt to stomp on a Krash while riding their minecart, the primates will be damaged without affecting the enemy in any way.

The situation changes in a later level, Mine Cart Madness, the fifth stage of Kremkroc Industries, Inc., where Krashes simply stay put underanged on the tracks. As the Kongs are required to navigate through most of the level in minecarts, they have to stomp on Krashes with their bare feet just as on Kritters. This action results in the enemies getting ploughed off their vehicles, leaving them open to getting stolen and taken full control of by the primates.

Krashes do not return in Donkey Kong Land, and Klanks partly take their role in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and Donkey Kong Land 2. Unlike Krashes, Klanks never ram into the Kongs, aside from a certain Bonus Level in Rickety Race; instead, they follow the same direction as the Kongs and hurl barrels behind. Whereas Krashes could not be stomped on while riding a vehicle, Klanks can be only taken out so.

Krashes are back in Donkey Kong 64 in the game's minecart adventures. The Krashes of this game are much more muscular, with each of them wielding a club they try to smack the Kongs with. This renewed appearance distinguishes Krashes from Kritters, as there was no visual difference between the two species in Donkey Kong Country. If they succeed in damaging the Kongs, the latter will lose three coins from the ones collected in the course of their minecart rides. These Krashes can be defeated if the primate heroes cause them to run into a solid formation, such as a pile of rocks. Usually, the Kongs have to encounter and rapidly pull a lever in order to drop such formation onto a Krash's path.



  • The Donkey Kong 64 version of Krash is extremely similar in appearance to Klubba, a pseudo-ally of the Kongs from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and Donkey Kong Land 2. Like Klubba, Krash is large, muscular, green, has a small head in proportion to the rest of its body, and wields a large club.
  • The Krashes in Donkey Kong 64 also strangely resemble the current design of a Kritter, even though the Kritters were not redesigned until DK: King of Swing, 6 years later.
  • Though Krashes never directly appeared on the Donkey Kong Country animated series, some episodes had Kritters riding around on minecarts, effectively making a Krash in a sense.