Army Dillo

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Army Dillo
Army Dillo, from Donkey Kong 64 (in-game)
Species Army
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
“I-I'm sorry, master, he was too quick for me. B-but I'll get him next time...”
Army Dillo, Donkey Kong 64

Army Dillo is a massive Army equipped with a sturdy, iron shell with two large cannons. He is both the first and the sixth boss of Donkey Kong 64, since he is fought in both Jungle Japes and Crystal Caves. For both boss battles, Army Dillo can only be fought by Donkey Kong, making him the only boss to be faced by the same Kong twice.


The first boss fight against Army Dillo in Donkey Kong 64, during Jungle Japes.
The battle against Army Dillo

In Jungle Japes, the first fight with Army Dillo takes place in a jungle arena. Before the battle begins, Army Dillo rolls out of a cave and into the arena. Army Dillo pokes out from his shell, where two large cannons emerge. Army Dillo lets out a laugh and retreats back in his shell. The boss battle then begins.

For this battle, Army Dillo is equipped with two large retractable side-mounted fireball cannons and a metal shell. The battle mainly consists of Army Dillo retreating into his shell and shooting fireballs from his cannons. At first, Army Dillo blasts four fireballs at Donkey Kong. It briefly peeks out of its shell, letting out a laugh. During this opportunity, Donkey Kong must pick up a TNT Barrel and throw it at Army Dillo's head. The explosion blasts Army Dillo upward and short-circuits his shell, electrocuting him in the process. After this, Army Dillo retreats in his shell and rolls around, attempting to run over Donkey Kong. After a few seconds, Army Dillo returns to blasting fireballs, this time blasting nine of them at a faster rate. As Army Dillo pokes his head out again, Donkey Kong must throw another TNT Barrel at him. This short-circuits his shell again, electrocuting him in the process. In the third and final round, Army Dillo has the same pattern, but moves at a faster rate. He also fires eleven fireballs at Donkey Kong and retracts his head quicker after letting out a laugh. After being hit from a third TNT Barrel, the short-circuiting of Army Dillo's shell causes the cannons to blast off from his shell. Army Dillo flees in embarrassment and relinquishes the first Boss Key to K. Lumsy's cage.

Army Dillo, speaking to King K. Rool.
Army Dillo talks to K. Rool shortly after losing.

When the Kongs first enter Angry Aztec, a cutscene shows Dillo without his armored shell and cowering in fear while being watched by K. Rool. Army Dillo says to K. Rool that Donkey Kong was too quick for him, and that he will "get him next time". K. Rool is mad at Army Dillo's failure and glares at him. Out of fright, Army Dillo falls on his back and faints.

Army Dillo is also the boss of Crystal Caves, where he is fought by Donkey Kong a second time. The Kongs must feed 350 bananas to Scoff to unlock the boss door. After Donkey Kong enters through the boss door, a cutscene plays that shows the Kremlings, in a laboratory, applying upgrades to Army Dillo's new shell (including some who are banging on his shell purposelessly). Army Dillo's upgrades include side-mounted rocket boosters, allowing Army Dillo to hover in the air, and a large top-mounted cannon, capable of firing several fireballs and homing missiles. After his upgrades were applied, Army Dillo rolls into the crystal arena. He briefly peeks out of his shell, letting out his trademark laughter, and then retreats back inside.

The rematch against Army Dillo in Crystal Caves of Donkey Kong 64.
The rematch against Army Dillo in Crystal Caves

The first round of the Crystal Caves fight is identical to the Jungle Japes fight, because Army Dillo shoots out four fireballs and then lets out a laugh, meaning that a TNT Barrel should be thrown at him. Army Dillo briefly attempts to roll over Donkey Kong before going into a corner of the arena. Army Dillo then swaps out his cannons for rocket boosters, hovers up, and slams on the ground, creating a green shockwave for Donkey Kong to avoid. After dodging the shockwave, Army Dillo reverts back to his fireball cannons, and Donkey Kong must dodge another fireball assault until Army Dillo shows his face again. The process is repeated again after Army Dillo takes damage a second time, but he'll unleash two shockwave attacks before transitioning back to firing fireballs at Donkey Kong. After being hit a third time, Army Dillo's two fireball cannons break off, and he makes a final attempt to run over Donkey Kong. Afterwards, Army Dillo reequips his rocket boosters and performs up to three shockwave attacks. After the third shockwave attack, a massive bazooka will emerge out from the top of Army Dillo's shell. Army Dillo hovers up and blasts out six fireballs, with Donkey Kong having to avoid each one individually. After the final fireball has fallen, Army Dillo will descend back onto the ground and fire a homing missile, which explodes either by crashing into an object, or after 13 seconds. When the missile explodes, Army Dillo will briefly poke his head back out and laugh, meaning another TNT Barrel must be thrown at him. If Donkey Kong fails to damage Army Dillo, he'll have to avoid another raining fireball assault, followed by another homing missile, before he can try again. After a fourth and final hit, Army Dillo's shell explodes. He then evaporates into the air and releases the world's Boss Key.

In the demo cartridge, the boss fight against Army Dillo is one of three randomly selected stage options. Army Dillo is at a higher difficulty because he uses the attack patterns and armament from the Crystal Caves battle.[1]


In the kiosk demo, Army Dillo had lines of speech, and he was voiced by Kevin Bayliss.

  • "You dare challenge me?!"
  • "Ah ha ha ha!"
  • "I must crush you!"
  • "You can't beat me!"
  • "You'll never defeat K. Rool!"
  • "NO!"
  • "Noooooooo!"
  • "Aaaaaarrgghh!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アーミィ・ジロー
Āmī Jirō
Army Dillo

French Tatou