Nintendo Coin

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Nintendo Coin
Nintendo Coin art.png
A silver coin with the Nintendo 64 logo on it.

First appearance

Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
“Squawk! Now you've warmed up, how about trying to win a unique special prize by completing it again? Just 2 Coins to play again... Bwark!”
Squawks the Parrot, Donkey Kong 64

The Nintendo Coin is a large coin with the Nintendo 64 logo on it. The Nintendo Coin is found in Donkey Kong 64. After the player beats the old Donkey Kong arcade machine in Frantic Factory, Squawks the Parrot appears and tells Donkey Kong to play the game again to win a special prize. After paying two coins, the player can use the arcade machine again. This time though, instead of rescuing Pauline, the player has to rescue the Nintendo Coin in a more difficult setting.

The Nintendo Coin, along with the Rareware Coin, are needed to obtain the final Boss Key and free K. Lumsy.