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Orange Grenade.gif

Oranges are basic weapons in Donkey Kong 64. They look like generic oranges with a pin similar to those found on grenades at the top. There is also a green version that some enemies use, such as Klumps and Zingers. To throw an orange, the player has to hold Z Button and press Camera right Button. The Kongs can also throw oranges while in midair.

Oranges are useful for getting through tough barriers and defeating certain enemies. Oranges also appear in Multiplayer Mode. However, they can also be used to utilize an attack identical to the one that Kasplats use. Krusha also uses oranges as ammo for his orange grenade launcher.

They are first obtained in one of Cranky Kong's training barrels, and are automatically set to a maximum limit of 20. Funky Kong's ammo belts increase the limit to 25, then 30.