Bonus Game (Yoshi's Woolly World)

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A Bonus Game stage from Yoshi's Woolly World.
One of the Bonus Game stages

The Bonus Game is a minigame in Yoshi's Woolly World. It can be accessed by getting a Smiley Flower in the Goal Ring. In the minigame, Yoshi must collect fruit within the time limit of 12 to 20 seconds. The fruit consist of apple, kiwi, lemon, and orange slices. Each fruit slice is worth 50 points. There are two methods to collect the fruits: by body and by tongue. If all of the fruit has been collected, the stage will regenerate more fruit, and Yoshi will earn extra time. Partway through a game, a watermelon slice will appear, which is worth 300 points. When time runs out, the total score Yoshi has accumulated will be converted into beads. There are many variations of this bonus game:

  • In the blue sky with pipes and bridges, fruit will appear out of reach above Yoshi, and they must be collected by throwing the yarn balls produced by Egg Plants at them.
  • Set in the desert theme, the ground moves in a wavy motion.
  • The stage is filled with Bouncies.
  • There are Fluffin' Puffin nests, where Yoshi can use the chicks to make cloud lines, allowing him to reach the fruits.
  • There are green platforms that move left and right.
  • There is a stage where Yoshi can use Lakitu's Cloud to reach the fruits.
  • The stage contains teetering platforms in a volcano setting.
  • The ground and platforms are made of ice.
  • The stage contains curtains that move back and forth, revealing invisible platforms on which the fruit floats.
  • The middle of the stage has a giant spiderweb.