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Poochy about to pop a balloon.

Poochy Dash is a bonus mode in Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World in which the player plays as Poochy in an auto-run style platformer trying to collect as many Beads as possible. Each stage also has three Poochy-Pups that give Poochy a Bead bonus if collected. Based on how many Beads Poochy has when he goes through the Gold Ring, he earns either a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum medal. There are also missions available after Poochy clears a stage for the first time. There are six stages available in Poochy Dash, one associated with each world. The first one is available at the start, while the others are unlocked after Yoshi clears the fourth course of a world. There are also bonus time missions available when the Poochy amiibo is scanned in Poochy Hut.

Stages in Poochy Dash
Image Title Missions (amiibo Mission) How to get
N/A Galloping Green Meadow Collect 1500 beads, pop 3 balloons, pass under the stump, (reach the goal within 38 seconds.) Available at the start
N/A Hotheaded Lava Fields Collect 1500 beads, pop 3 balloons, get all the beads that fall down, (reach the goal within 47 seconds.) Clear World 2-4
N/A Stitchy Scramble Collect 1500 beads, pop 3 balloons, stomp on Ruffin' Tumble 10 times, (reach the goal within 58 seconds.) Clear World 3-4
N/A Zippy Lagoon Collect 1500 beads, pop 3 balloons, pop all the bubbles, (reach the goal within 35 seconds.) Clear World 4-4
N/A Bobsledding Peaks Collect 1500 beads, pop 3 balloons, do not break the ice blocks, (reach the goal within 46 seconds.) Clear World 5-4
N/A Fort Bombs Away Collect 1500 beads, pop 3 balloons, knock down the flags, (reach the goal within 42 seconds.) Clear World 6-4

Gold Rush[edit]

If Yoshi gets a Smiley Flower at the goal ring, Poochy Dash gets a one-time Gold Rush mode, where a Gold Lakitu appears and leaves a trail of Beads. The player can easily toggle between modes by tapping the gold cloud in the bottom-right corner of the Touch Screen. The medal in this stage, regardless of amount, is a depiction of Poochy atop a pile of gold Beads.