World 3 (Yoshi's Woolly World)

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World 3
World3 YWW.png
Appearance (Poochy &) Yoshi's Woolly World
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World 3 is the third world of Yoshi's Woolly World and Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World. It is a mostly cloud-themed world, featuring elements related to toys and candy. As in all other worlds, there are nine levels: eight compulsory, and one special level that is unlocked after all other Smiley Flowers in the previous levels in the world are collected. Completion of this world unlocks World 4.


Level Preview Description
Yoshi and Cookies YoshiandCookies.png A level with cookie platforms and Snoots.
Wobble Mobile Jaunt WobbleMobileJaunt.png A level with several mobiles.
Scarf-Roll Scamper ScarfRollScamper.png A level with lots of climbable walls designed to look like scarves.
Big Montgomery's Bubble Fort Bigmontybubblefort.png A fortress level where Big Montgomery is fought a second time.
Fluffin' Puffin Babysitting Fluffpuff-babysit.png A level that introduces the mechanic of Fluffin' Puffin chicks.
A-Mazing Post Pounding A-Mazing Post Pounding.png A subterranean level with posts.
Fanciful Fluff and Feathers FancifulFluffnFeathers.png A sky level with clouds, rainbows, and Goonies.
Miss Cluck the Insincere's Castle MissCluckInsincereCastle.png A castle level where Miss Cluck the Insincere is fought.
Woollet Bill's Last Ride YWW Woollet Bill's Last Ride.png A level that features many Woollet Bills.