Wobble Mobile Jaunt

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Wobble Mobile Jaunt
Wobble Mobile Jaunt
Level code 3-2
Game (Poochy &) Yoshi's Woolly World
Music track Knitty-Knotty Windmill Hill
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Wobble Mobile Jaunt (known as Wobbly Mobile Jaunt in the British English version) is the second level of World 3 in Yoshi's Woolly World and Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World. Its contains many mobiles and Ruffin' Tumbles.


The level starts with several Shy Guys standing below the mobiles. A few Ruffin' Tumbles appear as well, allowing Yoshi to bounce on them to land on top of the lowest mobile. After making it past a few mobiles, some more Ruffin' Tumbles appear, followed by the first checkpoint. Some exclamation circles appear, as well as more Ruffin' Tumbles. This leads to more mobiles, this time with Piranha Plants added. Then there is an edible wall that Yoshi can eat, and using the Ruffin' Tumbles, Yoshi can bounce his way up to the platform. Many Ruffin' Tumble Patches appear here, as well as more edible walls. After using some Spring Balls to further advance, Yoshi reaches the second checkpoint. More complicated mobiles follow, ending with the Goal Ring.


Smiley Flowers[edit]

  • Smiley Flower 1: In a hidden Winged Cloud just below the sun/star mobile.
  • Smiley Flower 2: If Yoshi hits a Winged Cloud below and to the right of the Earth/moon mobile, it will create a staircase to a green warp pipe, which in turn leads to a rocket ship alcove with the Smiley Flower.
  • Smiley Flower 3: After collecting the second Wonder Wool, Yoshi must throw a yarn ball at the alcove directly above to collect the Smiley Flower.
  • Smiley Flower 4: When encountering the nine edible walls, Yoshi must jump onto the top right wall, then pass through the Flipper to the Smiley Flower.
  • Smiley Flower 5: In a hidden Winged Cloud at the bottom-left edge of the final mobile.

Wonder Wools[edit]

  • Wonder Wool 1: Through a hidden alcove to the left of the Earth/3-Up Moon mobile.
  • Wonder Wool 2: When touching the fourth consecutive exclamation circle after the first checkpoint, Yoshi must follow the trail of beads to the Wonder Wool.
  • Wonder Wool 3: After passing through the fourth Smiley Flower, Yoshi must pass through another Flipper, then use the Spring Ball to reach the Wonder Wool.
  • Wonder Wool 4: On top of the first mobile after the second checkpoint.
  • Wonder Wool 5: When at the bottom-right edge of the final mobile, facing the wall, there is an alcove that allows access to the Wonder Wool.
Playtime Yoshi, from Yoshi's Woolly World.
Playtime Yoshi

Collecting all of the Wonder Wools knits Playtime Yoshi back together.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おもちゃの国のゆらゆらモービル
Omocha no Kuni no Yurayura Mōbiru
Wobbling Mobile of the Country of Toys
German Mobile-Marathon Marathon on the Mobile
Italian Altalene nel paese dei balocchi Swings in the land of toys
Korean 장난감 나라의 흔들흔들 모빌
Jangnan'gam Nara'ui Heundeulheundeul Mobil
Wobbling Mobile of the Country of Toys
Spanish Equilibra y vencerás Balance and You'll Win