Yarn Yoshi Takes Shape!

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Yarn Yoshi Takes Shape!
Screenshot of Yarn Yoshi Takes Shape!, from Yoshi's Woolly World.
Level code 1-1
Game (Poochy &) Yoshi's Woolly World
Music track Yarn Yoshi Takes Shape!
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Yarn Yoshi Takes Shape! is the first level of Yoshi's Woolly World and Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World. Similar to the first levels of previous Yoshi games, it introduces throwing yarn balls, which replace the Yoshi Eggs from previous Yoshi games.


The first level of Yoshi's Woolly World is a grassy plain with flowers and spherical hills. It has a blue sky with clouds, and introduces Egg Blocks, Shy Guys, Piranha Plants, and of course Smiley Flowers and the new Wonder Wools.

The first part of the level is a straight walk with bridges and crystals with a single Shy Guy. It also features crystals along with the first Beads. After the beads and the first Smiley Flower, there is a Message Block that tells Yoshi how to defeat enemies. Further on, there is a platform with a Present Box and the first instance of a bow. The bow is followed by three Warp Pipes with a Piranha Plant. It is possible to go down the first Warp Pipe. After the Warp Pipes, there is another Message Block with instructions on how to Flutter Jump and a Shy Guy. Shortly after, there is a third Message Block with instructions on how to throw yarn balls. There is also a Winged Cloud for practice. There is then a cave with Frame Platforms and a Flipper. After the checkpoint, there is another Egg Block with a Warp Pipe that can be entered. The level then leads onto a gorge with many large flowers and clouds. After the gorge, there is a platform with crystals and the Goal Ring.



Smiley Flowers[edit]

  • Smiley Flower #1: After the second jump, Yoshi can reach this Smiley Flower with a simple jump.
  • Smiley Flower #2: This one is located inside a present box after the first Piranha Plant.
  • Smiley Flower #3: On the fourth platform that Yoshi can "fill" with a yarn ball, there is a wall he can unravel with his tongue. The Smiley Flower can be found at the end of the unraveled wall.
  • Smiley Flower #4: In the underground section after the first checkpoint, this Smiley Flower is in the third Winged Cloud.
  • Smiley Flower #5: The final Smiley Flower is in a hidden Winged Cloud on top of the final flower before the Goal Ring.

Wonder Wools[edit]

Flower Yoshi, from Yoshi's Woolly World.
Flower Yoshi
  • Wonder Wool #1: After the second Message Block, Yoshi can reach this pink Wonder Wool by flutter jumping into it.
  • Wonder Wool #2: On the second platform that Yoshi can "fill" with a yarn ball, he can push an accordion wall to the right, which will reveal a secret tunnel to this yellow Wonder Wool.
  • Wonder Wool #3: In the underground section after the first checkpoint, Yoshi must go left and unravel the two green walls. After that, he can find this yellow Wonder Wool inside a Winged Cloud.
  • Wonder Wool #4: On the first flower that Yoshi sprouts, this green Wonder Wool can be found inside a present box, which will appear when Yoshi hits the Winged Cloud above the flower with a yarn ball.
  • Wonder Wool #5: To the right of the cloud platforms near the Goal Ring, there is a wall that Yoshi can unravel. This yellow Wonder Wool is on the other side of the unraveled wall.

Collecting all five Wonder Wools in the level unlocks Flower Yoshi.

Completing the level unlocks the "Clear the course!" Power Badge.

In-game Message Block information[edit]

Making Yarn Balls
Gobble up an enemy with B Button, then
crouch to make a yarn ball. Easy!
Flutter Jump
Hold down A Button to flutter through
the air for a short distance.
It could save your life one day!
Throwing Yarn Balls
Press X Button to activate the aiming
cursor. Press X Button again to throw,
or crouch (+Control Pad down) to cancel!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 登場!あみぐるみヨッシー
Tōjō! Amigurumi Yosshī
Yarn Yoshi Enters the Stage!

Dutch Wollen Yoshi gaat op pad!
Wool Yoshi Goes on the Road!
French (NOE) Yoshi de laine s'en mêle
Wool Yoshi's Mix-Up
German Woll-Yoshis Verstrickungen
Wool Yoshi's Entanglement
Italian Yoshi di lana entra in scena!
Wool Yoshi Enters the Scene!
Korean 등장! 털실 요시
Deungjang! Teolsil Yosi
Yarn Yoshi Enters the Stage!

Spanish (NOA) Yoshi tejido entra en acción
Yarn Yoshi Takes Action
Spanish (NOE) Yoshi entra en acción
Yoshi Takes Action