Power Badge (Yoshi's Woolly World)

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This article is about Power Badges from Yoshi's Woolly World. For the Badge of the same name from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, see List of badges in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga § Power Badge.

A Power Badge is a power-up in Yoshi's Woolly World. It can be selected prior to starting a level, and grant Yoshi a variety of beneficial effects. Before a level starts, the game prompts the player to select a Power Badge, although they are not necessary to use. A Power Badge's effect is active for one level and then must be bought again.

The user can buy Power Badges at the start of the level using beads, or at anytime during the level via the pause menu. However, the player can occasionally use a Power Badge for free at the start of a level.

List of Power Badges[edit]

Image Name Cost Badge Effect Unlocked After
Clear course power badge Clear the course! 2000 Allows Yoshi to skip the course. This badge can only be used in Mellow Mode. World 1-1
Yarn ball power badge Make all yarn balls big! 1000 Makes all of the yarn balls large. World 1-2
Pit power badge Fall into a pit? No problem! 7500 Causes the player to bounce out of bottomless pits. World 1-4
ground pound power badge Power up Ground Pound! 5000 Causes Yoshi's Ground Pound to generate a shockwave. The shockwave defeats all on-screen enemies, but has no effect on bosses. World 1-6
Melon power badge All-you-can-eat watermelon! 5000 Gives the player infinite watermelons. World 1-8
fire and lava power badge Immunity to fire and lava! 7500 Makes the player immune to fire and bounce off of lava. World 2-4
poochy power badge Play alongside Poochy! 500 Causes Poochy to appear. World 2-5
defense power badge Higher defense! 3000 Makes the player lose three hearts instead of five upon receiving damage. This cannot be chosen in Mellow Mode in the 3DS port. World 2-8
item power badge See hidden items! 5000 Causes invisible Winged Clouds to appear when Yoshi is near them, makes beads containing Stamp Patches or Pencil Patches glow when visible, and makes hidden areas flash when they are on-screen. World 3-4
tongue grab power badge Grab items with Yoshi's tongue! 3000 Allows Yoshi to grab beads, Smiley Flowers, Wonder Wool, Stamp Patches/Pencil Patches, and hearts with his tongue. World 3-8
SpeedBadge YWW.png Improve your speed! 3000 Makes Yoshi run, jump, and climb faster. World 4-4
MagnetBadge YWW.png Pull items towards you with magnetic force! 5000 Causes beads, Smiley Flowers, and Wonder Wool to be pulled towards Yoshi when he gets near them. World 4-8
FireWatermelonBadge YWW.png All-you-can-eat fire watermelon! 5000 Gives Yoshi infinite fire watermelons. World 5-4
IceWatermelonBadge YWW.png All-you-can-eat ice watermelons! 5000 Gives Yoshi infinite ice watermelons. World 5-8