Craft Island

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Craft Island
Craft Island from Yoshi's Woolly World
First appearance Yoshi's Woolly World (2015)
Latest appearance Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World (2017)
Greater location Handmade Ocean
Inhabitants Yoshis

Craft Island is an island featured in Yoshi's Woolly World and its remake. It is the central hub from which every world can be accessed.


The game starts in Craft Island, where Kamek turns all but two of the Yoshis into Wonder Wool, and flies away. After the Yoshis knit back the other designs, they can be viewed in the Yoshi Hut, and any enemies hit with a yarn ball can be viewed in the Scrapbook Theater, along with any music the player has heard during the game. Once the game is completed, the Boss Tent is unlocked, where the player can battle previous bosses without having to redo their entire level. Once the Yoshi clan have collected every Smiley Flower, World ☆-S: Wonderful World of Wool is unlocked, and the giant ball of yarn in the middle is replaced with a Yoshi egg with multicolored spots.


Craft Island is a circular platform surrounded by Worlds 1 through 5, with World 6 further off in the Handmade Ocean. Miis are dotted around the island, which show their Miiverse posts when prompted. There is a large ball of yarn in the middle, surrounded by a carpet, which is later turned into a Yoshi egg. After Baby Bowser is defeated, the eight other Yoshi colors are unlocked and will reside on the island. There are four buildings on Craft Island: the Yoshi Hut, the amiibo Hut, the Scrapbook Theater and the Boss Tent with the Poochy Hut in the remake.


This world contains only the following level.

Image Name Description

WonderfulWorldofWool.png Wonderful World of Wool The final course of the game. As such, it combines elements from all of the previous worlds.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クラフトアイランド
Kurafuto Airando
Craft Island


French Tricot'île
Océan Artistique
From tricoter ("knit") and île ("island")
Artistic Ocean, pun on "Océan Atlantique" (Atlantic Ocean)
German Woll-Atoll
Wool Atoll
Handcraft Ocean
Italian Isola Gomitolo
Oceano Filato
Ball Island
Yarn Ocean
Korean 크래프트 아일랜드
Keuraepeuteu Aillaendeu
Craft Island

Spanish (NOE) Isla Remiendos
océano Hechoamano
Patches Island
Handmade Ocean