World 5 (Yoshi's Woolly World)

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World 5
World5 YWW.png
Appearance Yoshi's Woolly World
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World 5 is the fifth world of Yoshi's Woolly World. It is a mostly ice-themed world, featuring elements related to snowballs and ice blocks. As in all other worlds, there are nine levels: eight compulsory, and one special level that is unlocked after all other Smiley Flowers in the previous levels in the world are collected. Completion of this world unlocks World 6.


Level Preview Description
Fluffy Snow, Here We Go! FluffySnowHereWeGo.png A snow level with many snowballs and Flooffs.
Frozen Solid and Chilled FrozenSolidChilled.png An ice cap level with many Spray Fish.
Flying-Carpet Cruise FlyingCarpetCruise.png A sky level that features flying carpets and Fluffy Phantoms.
Big Montgomery's Ice Fort BigMontgomeryIceFort.png A fortress level where Big Montgomery is fought a third time.
A Little Light Snowfall LittleLightSnowfall.png A snow level with Snow Guys and falling snow.
Up Shuttlethread Pass UpShuttlethreadPass.png A level that involves snaking platforms and many different paths.
Snowy Mountain Lift Tour SnowyMountainLiftTour.png A snow/sky level where Yoshi must utilize many line-controlled platforms to advance.
Snifberg the Unfeeling's Castle SnifbergtheUnfeelingCastle.png An ice castle level where Snifberg the Unfeeling is fought.
Yoshi's Curtain Call YoshiCurtainCall.png A special level in which Yoshi must ride many fast-moving curtains.