Stitchy Scramble

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Stitchy Scramble
Game Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World
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Stitchy Scramble is the third level of the Poochy Dash bonus mode in Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World. It can be unlocked by clearing World 3-4: Big Montgomery's Bubble Fort.


The level starts off with a Ruffin' Tumble and three Shy Guys that Poochy can jump over to collect some beads. This leads into a few "stairs" and breakable boxes. After this are two paths, a top path with a straight, narrow alcove leading into a drop and a bottom path with a narrow downwards slope and some breakable boxes. Next is another Ruffin' Tumble which can be jumped on to reach a higher platform. The player can also skip the Ruffin' Tumble and walk up a slope to reach the same location. This leads into an area with three Semisolid Platforms, with the first Poochy Pup being on the middle platform. After is another downwards slope and a rolling Ruffin' Tumble that Poochy can bounce on repeatedly to collect some beads in a long path. After this are a few sets of floating platforms, with the second Poochy Pup being on one of them. This leads into a narrow pathway and a drop onto a Woollet Bill's path. Two more Woollet Bills will spawn, allowing Poochy to bounce off some Fly Guys and a Ruffin' Tumble. Poochy then drops onto some rainbow platforms which lead into a pathway with four Hook Guys floating from balloons right before the Goal Ring. The third and final Poochy Pup is found in the middle of the Hook Guys.


  • Collect 1500 beads
  • Pop 3 balloons
  • Stomp Ruffin' Tumble 10x
  • Reach the goal within 58 seconds (amiibo mission)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese とびだせ!オモチャ箱
Tobidase! Omochabako
Jump Out! Toy Box
Italian Zampettamento a maglia Knitting scampers
Spanish (NOA) Desbandada hilada Disbanded Architecture