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This article is about the sun character from Paper Mario. For the enemy from Super Mario Bros. 3 also known as "Sun", see Angry Sun. For the enemy from Wario Land 3, see Sun (Wario Land 3). For the character resembling a sun in Mario Party 6, see Brighton.
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Latest appearance Super Mario-kun (volume 26) (2002)
“I'm the sun. No... That's not entirely true. I should say, I WAS the sun.”
Sun, Paper Mario
The Sun. Page 116, volume 26 of Super Mario-kun.
The Sun in Super Mario-kun

The Sun, also known as the Blessed Sun, is local entity that lives in Sun Tower at Flower Fields. It provides extra amounts of sunlight to small regions.

During the events of Paper Mario, Bowser's minion Huff N. Puff covers Flower Fields with a continuous stream of clouds from his Puff Puff Machine. The continuous cloud cover prevents the Sun's rays from reaching the floral residents of Flower Fields. If this continued for too long, all the plant-life of Flower Fields would wither away and die from lack of sunlight, allowing Huff N. Puff and his forces to rule the region unopposed.

Mario and his allies, with the help from their new comrade, Lakilester, destroy the Puff Puff Machine. With the clouds gone, the Sun returns to the sky and restore Flower Fields. Additionally, with sunlight returned to the area, Mario can grow a magic beanstalk to take him to Cloudy Climb to fight Huff N. Puff and free the imprisoned Star Spirit Klevar.

In volume 26 of Super Mario-kun, the Sun is first shown to be sick. After Mario and his partners, including Lakilester, destroy the Puff Puff Machine, the sun is revived and helps them grow a beanstalk that takes them to Huff N. Puff.


  • "It's the sun. Some people call it the "Blessed Sun." It's the source of life for flowers and trees. If it doesn't come out, eventually all plants will wither away. Sunshine makes me happy, too."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 太陽

Chinese 太阳[1]

French Soleil
German Sonne