Little Mouser's Shop

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Image of Mario and Goombario in Little Mouser's Shop in Dry Dry Outpost, in Paper Mario.
Little Mouser's Shop

Little Mouser's Shop is a shop located in the western part of Dry Dry Outpost in Paper Mario. It is run by Little Mouser. In Chapter 2, Mario and his partners must buy a Dried Shroom and a Dusty Hammer in this order in this shop in order to see the Dry Dry Outpost leader, Moustafa. One sidequest from Koopa Koot involves buying a Dusty Hammer, a Dried Pasta, a Dusty Hammer, and a Dried Shroom in this order, for which the shop owner will get the hint and give Mario a Red Jar which Koopa Koot wants.

Goombario's Tattle on the shop owner states: "He runs the shop here in Dry Dry Outpost. I don't know... He acts kind of strange. Is he nervous...? Well, he may be suspicious, but he still runs the shop. His stock seems to be made up of pretty normal stuff. I think it's normal..."


Item Price Item Price Item Price
Thunder Bolt

PaperMario Items ThunderBolt.png

5 Coins Dusty Hammer

PaperMario Items DustyHammer.png

2 Coins Honey Syrup

Honey Syrup from Paper Mario.

5 Coins
Dried Shroom

PaperMario Items DriedShroom.png

2 Coins Dried Pasta

PaperMario Items DriedPasta.png

3 Coins Mushroom

PaperMario Items Mushroom.png

3 Coins

Best selling prices[edit]

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Dried Pasta

PaperMario Items DriedPasta.png

2 Coins Iced Potato

PaperMario Items IcedPotato.png

10 Coins Melon

PaperMario Items Melon.png

10 Coins
Snowman Doll

PaperMario Items SnowmanDoll.png

12 Coins Special Shake

PaperMario Items SpecialShake.png

15 Coins Super Soda

PaperMario Items SuperSoda.png

6 Coins
Tasty Tonic

PaperMario Items TastyTonic.png

5 Coins

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チューチューショップ
Chūchū Shoppu
Chūchū Shop. Chūchū is an onomatopoeia for mouse squeaking; might also be from Little Mousers' Japanese name, チューさん Chū-san.