Wooden dock

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Wooden dock
Wooden dock
First appearance Paper Mario
Effect Allows Mario and Sushie to swim in water together

Wooden docks[1] are objects that appear in Paper Mario. They appear at the edge of bodies of water and allow Mario to begin riding Sushie and swim in the water. They are also necessary to dismount Sushie. They appear in many areas, including Toad Town, Toad Town Tunnels, Flower Fields, Shiver City, and Bowser's Castle, but they are most notably found in Jade Jungle, where they are needed to traverse the area's many bodies of water to find and rescue the missing Fearsome 5 Yoshi Kids.

Boat panels serve a similar function to wooden docks in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, although they allow Mario to enter and exit Boat Mode instead of mounting and dismounting Sushie.


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