Shiver Region

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A foreboding area.

The Shiver Region is the setting of Chapter 7 in Paper Mario. In Paper Mario, the Shiver Region is located on the far northeast corner of the map.

The Shiver Region is characterized by its eternal auroras that hover in the sky. It is snowy year-round there, so, some of the main residents – the Bumpties – went to Poshley Heights to warm up. The capital city of the Shiver Region is Shiver City, home of the Bumpties. The other sentient residents of the region live in Starborn Valley, including Ninjis, Stars, and a few foreigners. A famous landmark in the Shiver Region is Shiver Mountain, a large, icy mountain that takes up most of the area. Sitting atop the mountain is the Crystal Palace and living inside is the lethal Crystal King.

Areas in the Shiver Region include:

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Chinese (Simplified) 酷冰冰地区
Kùbīngbīng Dìqū
Cool Ice Ice Area
German Bibber-Region Shiver Region